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  1. He is dead. Rest in peace Lim10!

  2. That would be really cool but unfortunately Lukasz didn't add it 😞
  3. New Screenshots: (Out of nearly 600 portraits of leaders,300 have been finished.)
  4. Screenshots: (Out of nearly 600 portraits of leaders,200 have been finished.)
  5. Preliminary Information: First, greetings to all of you, Age of Leaders mode/Plugin the main purpose will be a mode/plugin with more leaders, more Leader images, leader portraits. I'll try to finish it this month. First, it will be exclusive to Conquerors II mode, and then support for other modes will be added. About Beta: Many simple portraits are finished, there is much more to add. I plan to complete and publish all the portraits within this month. You can clearly state your suggestions, opinions, complaints! For Later Versions: Age of leaders v1.0: Adding portraits
  6. Root required for Aoh2 Android Files :/
  7. I've been playing for a long time, it's a really cool mod, I recommend everyone to try it :)
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