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  1. I want to change the name of states in aoc2 but i dont now how it works please help me
  2. New future scenario have fun😄 furture.zip
  3. Please help me I get it don't just make a simple explanation
  4. IRussian


    This post goes to Luke if you are working on an update you can please insert a dying date with the leaders and if the leader is dead then he is no longer understood alive or should I explain it better?
  5. IRussian


    Thank you 🙂
  6. IRussian


    I wanted to make a cold war scenario with Leaders and when I added that after birthday and etc. Were some still wrong
  7. bruh the project is done ( beta ) 100 country !

    download the link and thank's for being on my project


  8. IRussian


    Does anyone know leaders because I need help
  9. IRussian


    I want to improve and correct the leaders but only how should I enter the beginning of office as the date of birth or not
  10. Can someone explain to me exactly how the leaders are doing?
  11. When you whant I fix the borders for you😊
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