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  1. here is the 1950 cold war Szenario 😃 and here is my YouTube cannel 1950 (coldwar).zip
  2. IRussian

    1920 szenario

    hi i have for all here a 1920 Szenario:😊 1920.zip
  3. IRussian

    More Provinces

    May I make a few scenarios on your map and publish them
  4. Albania Split by balkan union and grecce and grecce have a other Culture then the balkan slavs
  5. http://www.ageofcivilizationsgame.com/topic/114837-future-szenario-idea-2045/?tab=comments#comment-143417
  6. this is my intermediate Status so far does anyone have any ideas
  7. Does anyone have an idea of what should happen in America
  8. here is a british empire in modern world Szenario 1578669978937sdntzyds.zip
  9. hi

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    2. IRussian


      I speak Russian german english Partly

    3. Oreshek:3



    4. IRussian
  10. I don't like ww3
  11. Thank you I thought that nobody wants to take part
  12. Please can join someone
  13. Hi I want to make a future scenario anyone can give suggestions😊
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