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  1. I want to change the name of states in aoc2 but i dont now how it works please help me
  2. New future scenario have fun😄 furture.zip
  3. Please help me I get it don't just make a simple explanation
  4. IRussian


    This post goes to Luke if you are working on an update you can please insert a dying date with the leaders and if the leader is dead then he is no longer understood alive or should I explain it better?
  5. IRussian


    Thank you 🙂
  6. IRussian


    I wanted to make a cold war scenario with Leaders and when I added that after birthday and etc. Were some still wrong
  7. IRussian


    Does anyone know leaders because I need help
  8. IRussian


    I want to improve and correct the leaders but only how should I enter the beginning of office as the date of birth or not
  9. Can someone explain to me exactly how the leaders are doing?
  10. When you whant I fix the borders for you😊
  11. -New Flags for coustem nations -New bourders Have fun 😀 future.zip
  12. Can you please fix the border with ukraine SSR and kingdom of Romania And can you add spanish marokko 😊
  13. 1. The standard scenarios repaire e.g. the ww2 scenario had a few small mistakes with the country's borders e.g. British India and Iran. 2. Bug fixes at because events swap with me just so the countries an example <romania anexion Moldova later but united kingdom anexion of Denmark> 3.A new ideology eg. Religions state +flag of course 4. More diplomatic opportunities An example if you want to make a union then it must be displayed as in an alliance That was my criticism I hope the game will meet these demands
  14. Die Standart Europa Karte die seit ein paar Monaten in Spiel ist
  15. This standard Europe map that has been here since an update
  16. On which device do you play age of civilizations 2?
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