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  1. Dobra idea samo Madjarksa i Rumunija nisu balkan,kao ni Vojvodina i veci deo slovenije,nemam nista protiv moda /tebe ali prvo si trebao da istrazis sta je balkan a ne odma da radis,srecno
  2. Hello lads today new update is out (you cant download old versions) of mod is released 1.05 Keep in mind that mod is still in work in progress. New Stuff: 15 New Countries to play as 2 new portraits France is not involved in civil war anymore (Because France is op) Some changes to military Download link:http://www.mediafire.com/folder/1l9t7t9tlyplb/German_Civil_War_Mod(Read_ReadMe)v1.05
  3. This is mod about Germany,in 1920s-1930s Communist and Nazi party were rising to overthrow government,it has been year since great depression started,people don't trust government anymore,political parties used this oportunity in october of 1930 riots started happening all across Germany,20 days afther that Germany deployed military to end riots,afther this Nazi party and Communist decleared war on Germany,resulting civil war,France woried about war in Germany alied with Germany to end civil war. This is my first scenario,yeah it has been made in like 20m and who wants to check out my channel he can see it here:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdYuR9n43fMr7odaQHHVLVQ?view_as=subscriber Thanks! NOTICE:I never made any scenarios and this one is not best one! Thanks for understanding. Download link:http://www.mediafire.com/folder/65khvhbx0pofq/German_Civil_War_mod(Read_ReadME)
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