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  1. AoC2 seems to be a game where making an investment that takes 150 turns to pay back is considered "Fast". I've continued to experiment with the economy, and I've found something important: When you use the "Investment" slider in the Budget screen, it adds Development to all your provinces. The amount of development added is based solely on the "Province Growth" rating of the province, and what Percentage of your budget is going to "Investment". Development growth rate maxes out at +0.00531 for any "Province Growth" higher than 80% The quantity of money spent has no
  2. I have been doing a bunch of tests on the economic system in order to figure out how things work and how best to increase a nation's wealth. In the Budget screen, I set "Investments" to 100% and monitored the Economy levels and income growth of my country for 5 turns. I then spent 20 un-used Tech Points and put them all in "Economic Growth". The results of a +15% increase to Economic growth? Rate of Economy growth: unchanged* Cost of investing directly in a Province's Economy: unchanged Rate of Development growth: unchanged (Curiously, the development growth rate corre
  3. It would be nice to fight wars that weren't pure battles of attrition. "You lost 3,000 men killing 2,500 enemies. Great victory!!!" <-- Another such victory and I shall be ruined.
  4. I have conducted some research on this, using Korea (with no tech points applied) as a test nation and I have found at least two things that Development does: Development will act as a multiplier on your Production. Still working out the numbers. Spending 7000g raising development from 0.235 to 0.344 boosted my Production from 222 to 268. Admin costs also rose from 378 to 388, so the net income boost was just +36g/turn. In 200 turns that investment will finally pay off. Development reduces the cost of Economy. Raising the Dev from 0.235 to 0.344 lowered the price from 8.95/un
  5. Sometimes you don't want the map to scroll just because your cursor is at the edge of the screen. I've been working in windowed mode trying to write down province data, and often I switch over to my document, the game will register the cursor's last position as being on the edge of the window, and thus sends the map view into a dizzying spin around the world. In order to transcribe the province income of Wonsan, I have to be very careful about how my cursor leaves the window, or I find myself flying across the world and far from home when I want to see the stats of Hamhung. I know t
  6. I can't figure out what investing in the development of a province actually accomplishes. It has no noticeable effect on Tax income, nor on Production income. You can invest thousands of gold into a province but not, as far as I can tell, actually gain anything from it except a slight increase in Administrative costs. Is there some important game mechanic I'm missing here? What does the "Development" level of a province do?
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