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  1. Its fricking uncomfortable to see the dozens of border errors he done, Qing, Brazil, AH, Thailand, Africa, British Raj, Chile...
  2. Sieges don't let the supplies from capital to come, in time (if you have thousands fo soldiers), hundreds will die from lack of supplies per turn, also having your capital sieged will weaken all the rest of the army that is not sieged.
  3. In the game you can change the name of your country, now i wish that you could change the flag in the game :c
  4. After 2 hours of genocide, i achieved it...
  5. The economy is the most important thing in Age of civilization 2, without it you couldn't even build up an army to invade other countries or even defend yourself for bigger threats, in this post ill be showing you how to stabilize a prosperous economy in ANY kind of country. (Notice that ill be playing as luxembourg in this tutorial) 1 - Taxes, and spending: One notable thing on taxes is that you can be putting it 1 little more to the acceptable tax and still not loose happiness, good to be winning some tips like 3 - 19 which is good for me. Also set every spending at its mini
  6. My computer tell that it is a Virus, is it trustable?
  7. Step 1: Go to steam and enter the local files of AOC2 Step 2: Enter the Map folder Step 3: Look where it is! Open the scenario Folder Step 4: You may found some strange random numbers pastes, but REMEMBER, they're your scenarios Step 5: How can i know which one is my scenario? Simple. go to each paste and open the image Preview to see if its really that scenario. Step 6: Now copy it and post somewhere. Important: The game AOC2 must be closed, also you can guide your friend or the public how to put your scenario, by reversing what i done, copying some scenar
  8. I think i might agree your words, Who the hell invests alot in a province to abandon it? But in other side, he just abandoned it to back later.
  9. If you're not so pacient on taking diplomacy with everyone and likes war as this game is dedicated, welcome, this post may help you with some war tactics on this game 1 - Let them attack: first of all, if you build a good defense against a weaker and smaller nation (Example: China vs North Korea) Let them attack until their economies are struggled, (this may be noticed if they attack with less troops), then after all the attacks, strike violently against the enemy and win the war with low resistance. 2 - Don't be sieged: NEVER let any enemy siege your army, it may makes it without suppli
  10. If there is alot of unrest, unhappiness, rebel activities and no assimilation. I say that is possible.
  11. Germany is not Nazi if it haven't took Czechoslovakia and Poland... NEIN NEIN NEIN THE FUHRER IS DISAPOINTED XD
  12. Maybe Lukasz have a tutorial but still, creating your types of goverment requires alot of programing experiences and coding to change.
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