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  1. ;-; You killed my communist dream in the game.
  2. It would be cool to add the in-game search system to increase defense and attack in the provinces, especially maritima so as not to lose many troops in the naval battle.
  3. That yes, I need to change the flag of the Mayan civilization to the ursal flag. I dominated Latin America XD.
  4. well then we gave our idea about multiplayer, I hope they see the post. Thanks to all who helped with the idea = D
  5. Oh ;-; I hate IA, but is the only one to play at the moment
  6. put an option in the multiplayer menu where you can create rooms or servers where you can have administrators, moderators and so on, taking care of the trolls.
  7. Because they do not do in multiplayer each player has their turns, one player can go 100 turns while the other goes 1000 turns. It's just a suggestion. but thanks for the comment.
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