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  1. Ridzo

    Bloody Europe II

    Something surprising?
  2. Ridzo

    Bloody Europe II

    Hello I really hope that you are still working on this project.
  3. Are you still looking for Slovak translators?
  4. Ridzo

    Bloody Europe II

    Yeah any updates?
  5. Ridzo

    Bloody Europe II

    Did he take a break or something or what happened?
  6. Ridzo

    Bloody Europe II

    Yeah is it coming out today? I want to download it as fast as possible
  7. Ridzo

    Bloody Europe II

    Hello! I am blown away at your patience of making these mods. I follow you since Bloody Europe on aoc1 aaand yeah.😅 I just really appreciate your work and I hope you will make more mods. Also one question: Will this be available to download on android? I don't have the pc version so I am really hoping it will be on Android too. Peace out
  8. Ridzo

    Inglorious era

    How to download?
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