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  1. WHERE IS THE TNO MOD?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  2. It is called the Shahdom of Iran, the Iran part is just hidden since I was only taking screenshots of certain regions, and some are in progress.. Such as Russia and NE Asia
  3. Till a alpha released?About 60%. Still need to work on Asia, Russian warlord states. However ideologies are done, and leaders are going to be in the full release instead of alpha.
  4. Progress No. 1: 1.Americas are done, hardly any border changes, but a few dictatorships have been established. 2.Most of the UK is puppeted except for Wales, Ireland declared independence into a Gaelic nation, and India declared independence as well. 3.The whole USSR broke up after the war into warlord states and countries, as seen by Uzbekistan, Tajikstan, and Kyrgyzstan.
  5. Be patient, it's not released yet, it's going to take some time due to the extent of it's storyline and all the countries\borders that need to be added or readjusted . However, screenshots of progress for the Americas and the Russian warlord states should be ready by Sunday 😉. Yes, of course!
  6. I tried to do that, but as of yet I don't have a way to change the color of the font so that the country names are visible. Even now they are just barely, after I tweaked the settings a bit. Haha, probably but im working off a version of the mod supplied to me from a week ago by a friend, things in the mod will probably be different from when it is released
  7. Perhaps, I'll see if the events will allow it for balance Except for the Ordenstaat Burgund, all reichcommisariats are going to be vassals. Siberia, the Urals, and Central Asia will be divided into warlord states, and a few states who claim to be the sucessor to Russia. The leader of the Iberian Union is Franco, Fascist Spain absorbed Portugal, along with territories in Africa such as Morocco.
  8. Ben türkçe bilmiyorum. Evet. Eksen kazandı. Türkçe çeviri yok. Ben Almanım. https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=en&tl=tr&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.moddb.com%2Fmods%2Fa-new-order-last-days-of-europe
  9. Once the roadmap for the alpha is finished, then that version will be released.
  10. The New Order: Last Days of Europe for Age of Civilizations II (In Development) The Lore The Second World War ended with the complete destruction of the enemies of Hitler's Germany and his fellow Axis nations. The world of 1962 is now a much different one then anyone could have imagined. From the former lands of Russia where petty warlords battle for control of the torched steppes, to the once mighty Reich, where various factions threaten to tear the nation apart into civil war. No matter what happens, the world is in perhaps its most turbulent phase, with the Reich an
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