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  1. Hey, it's hard for me to explain because of my terrible English, I don't know if it can be fixed, but there is one thing that still bothers me from the first time I started playing AOC2, that when in a country with a large amount of provinces it takes a lot of time to build the mines especially, I speak of the menu, because every time I build a mine, the game takes me continuously to the first province and then I need to scroll down every time. VideoEditor_20210714_091822_1_1.mp4
  2. I hope this mod is still alive, it looks very promising and something different, keep it up! I hope that in the future you will give a little of your love to a small country like Moldova, it is a pity to always see it neglected, it has also an interesting and unfair past, maybe I could help you, I would be happy to help you in general, maybe with some ideas.
  3. Okay, I think I did everything there was to do by following the tutorial, but once I go to Map Editor, the game crashes. Can you help me please?
  4. Ciao, tutti ancora in vita?
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