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  1. 58 minutes ago, Kerems2434 said:

    ENG: Don't worry, Conqueror's II isn't finished. We'll make updates in about every 2 weeks. We'll solve the problems and add new features.
    TR: Merak etmeyin. Conqueror's II bitmedi. Moda yaklaşık her 2 haftada bir güncelleme getireceğiz. Sorunları çözecek ve yeni özellikler ekleyeceğiz.

    Thank.you.i'm.verry happy,best modder,.nxt update add 1200 scenario and age of darkness scenario

  2. Ibhpe

    37 minutes ago, Kerems2434 said:

    Hello, AoC2 Community!

    We started the do the Conqueror's II 3 months ago and we almost finished now. We're going to announce the release date very soon.. Keep waiting!

    - Added EU4 Musics
    - Finished the all of the land provinces
    - Started to adjust populations (growth rates)
    - Started to do scenarios
    - Added 1.195 city names
    - Started to add some big rivers (It will be more beatiful with rivers)
    - Added Kiel, Suez and Panama Canals
    - All of the connections completed


    I hope this week release,i can't wait

  3. 22 minutes ago, Suzema said:

    New update for Bloody Europe II - 0.4.1!

    Update list:
    +New map - German Empire:
    -5 scenarios, 936 provinces;
    +Fixed army positions on the Bloody Europe map;
    +Count of formable civilizations - 351;
    +50 music compositions (only for PC);
    +12 new historic scenarios;
    -Ancient Greece;
    -769 year;
    -936 year;
    -France 1030 year;
    -Remaded 1066 year;
    -1187 year;
    -1204 year;
    -1337 year;
    -1579 year;
    -English Revolution;
    -Northern War;
    -Franco-Prussian War;

    Download links at the pinned post in this topic

    Where is the link? 

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