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  1. Lucas L

    Europe august 1939

    Thanks,I will think on it! (I still learning about how work the events,but I am going to try it)
  2. Lucas L

    Europe august 1939

    I'm going to look a way to share the map,and if I find It,I will post it as soon as posible.Thank for your suggestions!
  3. Lucas L


    Jajaja lo mismo digo,algunos llevamos más de 3 semanas aquí y todavía no controlamos la página completamente.
  4. Lucas L

    ¿De qué país sois?

    Con un poco de suerte, seguro que la gente se anima y empiezan a participar más.
  5. Hi,I usually do 'normal' maps,but today I will show you a very unknow map: The Cochinchina Campaign. I was investigating about some new maps to create,and I found this. For the people that doesn't know about this campaign,I give you a Wikipedia link below. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cochinchina_Campaign This new map includes: -Spain with colonies (Isabella II it's the leader) -France with colonies (Napoleon Bonaparte III it's the leader) -Nguyen Dinasty (Tu Duc it's the leader) I know that it's very unfair for the Nguyen Dinasty,but the life it's unfair XD. I am from Android and I can't share a download link,but I give you some pictures:
  6. Lucas L

    Europe august 1939

    I found some information about Bulgaria,and until 1940,like Romania,there aren't territory changes,so the territory it's fine. I would like add some leaders in the future because there are some leaders,like Antonescu,that didn't appear until 1940 and more,but I don't know how the leaders works yet( it's very strange,if you has created some leaders,you will know it),so I am thinking on it. Thank for your time and help! 🙂
  7. Lucas L

    ¿De qué país sois?

    Sí,¡tenemos bastante suerte de tener tantas culturas teniendo en cuenta lo pequeño que es este juego,y más para los hispanos!
  8. Lucas L

    Europe august 1939

    I think that I'm going to ignore the territory of Romania,because I researched more territory losses,and I think that the territory it's fine.I send you a gif of the evolution of the territory of Rumany.As you can see, Romania stays without territory losses until 1940,and this map is from 1939,so I think Romania it's ok. Your ideas of the guarantee of France and UK to Poland and the decrease of relations of Germany and Soviet Union to Poland are great! I'm going to add them.I was thinking in add the Benelux to the guarantee of France and UK,what do you think? After add the new ideas,I'm going to search information about Bulgaria,because I don't know much about it's specified territory in the 1939.
  9. Lucas L

    How to delete a leader in Android?

    Hi,I accidentaly change the leader of France during the age of revolution,and I added Napoleon Bonaparte III and Louis Philippe suddenly disappeared. In the past,when I was doing some maps,I learnt that if you change the born date,the leader change depending on it,and I tried to change the born date of Louis Philippe and it doesn't work. Any suggestions? (Thank you for your attention and help!) Edit:I found a solution! You only have to create a new leader with all the things of the leader you have deletted with the date of born of the leader that you wants to delete. In my case,Louis Philippe born the 20th April 1808 ( Date of born of Napoleon III) and suddenly Napoleon III disappeared! I hope that the people of android learn how to delete a leader with this post!
  10. Lucas L

    Europe august 1939

    Now some errors that you say are fixed,and I can' t find more errors. If you want,you can tell me the errors in the new photos. Thank you for your help!
  11. Lucas L

    Europe august 1939

    Thank you,I didn't notice that! I will fix it!
  12. Lucas L

    Europe august 1939

    Ok,I see the error of the provinces of Hungary.But I don't see the other errors,like the romanian provinces and the Italian-Yugolasvian frontier.I know that the entire dodecaneso wasn't part of Italy,but the main zones were part of Italy,and I finally give it to they.I didnt add Slovakia because in the practice they were part of Germany (and I really hate the vassal system in this game XD) And yes,I can add other countries that were near to Germany,but I think that if I make that,the game will be so boring,because Germany,Spain,Italy,Romanian,Hungary and Bulgaria would have a great poder against only three great powers: The Soviet Unión,the United Kingdom and France. So I think that I have to quit Spain of the alliance and Italy and Germany will be alone,like in the WW2 map. If you show me some images of the other problems,I will be so grateful! Some images of the maps that I used like bases: