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  1. I'm sorry for the delayed response, but thanks! I don't know why, but it doesn't allow me to watch the video. Can you do something? Anyway I hope you had liked the scenario!
  2. The third king of the forums, second from the spanish community after the old english one moved to discord, he stayed same as the second. He reached heights even the second couldn't dream of. Taking away most posts from the first (myself) as well as amassing the most rep without help of an alt. In addition winning more days than me or Iturkish. And yet he too withered on the vine, this dead places taking him too. He in fact withered before the second, and is less likely to return. From then on the forums was without a monarch, until the first returned and retook his crown

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    2. ITurkishmapping
    3. Shiite


      eh we were absent for a while so it makes sense 

    4. Lucas L

      Lucas L

      Most part of that days I only won because I was joking with the Spanish community and helping other players with their problems. Anyway, by that moment the forum was practically dead and it wasn't like the forum's beggining, so it's not fair to compare.

  3. I see what you're doing Beter, why is this man your new forum champion? 

    1. ITurkishmapping


      dont worry he cant make lucas l #1 or make him pass lonathan etc its impossible

    2. Beter Griffin

      Beter Griffin

      Now that I think of it it's too much when it spills past you two

    3. Lucas L

      Lucas L

      Two months without entering the forum and when I enter I find 200 reactions of Beter xD.

  4. Si es que se puede decir que todavía queda comunidad. Una pena, este caso es el claro ejemplo de juego con potencial que su creador deja morir. Al menos nos quedan los buenos momentos, tanto en el juego como en el foro xD.
  5. Tristemente sí, pero me enorgullece decir que al menos intentamos organizarnos y seguir disfrutando del juego aunque esté no recibiera ninguna otra actualización.
  6. Buena esa xD Tranquilo, que está bien escrito jeje
  7. ¿Jajaja por qué no quieres aparecer xD? Y lo de comunista se lo paso, un error lo tiene cualquiera jejeje
  8. Great idea! I'm waiting for see the final version of the scenario 😉
  9. But in Geacron, sadly, the tribes and hordes aren't represented with territory, only with names, so in this case it's useless.
  10. Lucas L

    Partida v:?

    You're welcome! (=¡De nada!)
  11. Lucas L

    Partida v:?

    Umm... I have heard that Duolingo is a great app for languages, maybe you should begin with it.
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