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  1. Buena esa xD Tranquilo, que está bien escrito jeje
  2. ¿Jajaja por qué no quieres aparecer xD? Y lo de comunista se lo paso, un error lo tiene cualquiera jejeje
  3. Great idea! I'm waiting for see the final version of the scenario 😉
  4. But in Geacron, sadly, the tribes and hordes aren't represented with territory, only with names, so in this case it's useless.
  5. Lucas L

    Partida v:?

    You're welcome! (=¡De nada!)
  6. Lucas L

    Partida v:?

    Umm... I have heard that Duolingo is a great app for languages, maybe you should begin with it.
  7. Lucas L

    Partida v:?

    ¡Oh! Es un halago que quieras aprender español. Es un idioma algo complicado, pero también muy bonito 😁
  8. Lucas L

    Partida v:?

    Tengo la sensación de que ninguno de los dos van a sobrevivir mucho tiempo jeje
  9. Because it's only 1 province xD
  10. No problem dude, you can do what you want, just don't deny the obvious.
  11. It's obvious that you spam your topic putting the same post again and again. I don't have any problem with that, but it's funny that you say that you aren't doing it
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