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  1. 1. Co gdyby Polska oddała Gdańsk 2. Co gdyby Polska wygrała powstanie Warszawskie 3. Co gdyby Imperium Rosyjskie wygrało z Bolszewikami 4. Co gdyby nie było cudu nad Wisłą
  2. Co gdyby Polska oddała Gdańsk Niemcom
  3. You guys will add formable civilizations ? It dont need to be in first version but it would be nice to add in ubdate. : >
  4. Yee I got the power to understnad Turkish people now I can.. this super power is useless 😞
  5. Guys give him/them time we have morning actualy and we are not 100% that this mod will be realesed today.
  6. I cant wait when you will finish this map, and yeah where are news or ubdates? im waiting 🙂
  7. It would nice it they would add this scenario but whats a problem to do this on your own? :V
  8. Man this is very good idea to make Star Wars in this game! I cant wait when you will end this in 100% develop yourself and may the force be with you! 🙂
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