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  1. Age of Elder Scrolls 0.5 has been released! You can find link here - https://vk.com/ageofelderscrolls?w=wall-174673906_463
  2. Age of Elder Scrolls 0.4B has been released! You can find link here - https://vk.com/ageofelderscrolls?w=wall-174673906_440
  3. https://m.vk.com/wall-174673906_363
  4. 0.4B will be in the next week
  5. Thanks for your opinion! About background - in next version it will be simplyfied for androids (just blue&green colors with paper texture) About HRE in Morrowind - its interesting, i'll try it About sounds - if I found some :)
  6. I make a mod in Russian, English is optional, but I try to do the translation better (there is a problem with the translation of events)
  7. Android - just install aрk PC - unzip the archive into the root folder of the game
  8. Added Aldmeris, now mod has 2061 provinces
  9. Age of Elder Scrolls ver.0.3B has released! You can find the link in these - https://m.vk.com/wall-174673906_363
  10. Finally, I finish draw a province map, there is 1935 naval and land provinces, now I start to working in the game
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