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  1. I just wrote a description instead of a wiki link
  2. New update for Age of Elder Scrolls - 2.5 List of updates: •Map of Nirn: +23 form.civ. (401 total); +1 scenario (82 total); +Small changes and corrections in almost all scenarios; •+31 new civilizations (1766 total); •+7 national bonuses (314 in total); •Added flags for different ideologies to some civilizations; You can download new update from first page of this topic
  3. It's a known issue, there is no way to fix it
  4. I don't know, maybe you don't have enough money
  5. Which exactly civilization did you try to form?
  6. first civilizations for this mod doesn't have color because dude that made them didn't bother to do so And I'm too lazy to give them colors, but I will do some of them in next update, right now you can do it by yourself in civilizations editor (that in Game Editor button, not the other one,)
  7. I don't know either, it was maded for me by some dude like 2 years ago
  8. The continent remains as it is. The phrase that Yokuda is 4 times the size of Tamriel, in lore of the mod, is considered an exaggeration
  9. It has nothing to do with BE code, this bug was even on first versions of this mod with old map, when there was no code changes at all My theory is that background resolution can't be too much bigger than size of original Earth background, and also it probarly has to deal with weight of map, weight by itself is not cause, but maybe is an influencing factor I'm gonna do some research on that in a week or so
  10. Probarly the mod didn't downloaded entirely, maybe because of internet problems, try to put this file into Age of Elder Scrolls/UI/XH/buttons, if problem stays, try to delete mod from your PC and download it again from different link
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