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  1. Scenarios for new Europe map (4434 provs): -Modern World -1444 (I don't have all Europe screenshot)* -1936 (Spain fixed) -1939 -Cold War -1914 -Religion Wars -Ethnic Wars -1204 -1356 -Fall of Serbian Empire -Fryske Frijheid At some screenshot you can see a new background Growth temps Terrain types
  2. This is problem of original game, I can't fix it
  3. Land provinces is done - 4321 provs.
  4. Frozen for a while, I'm busy with another mod
  5. This map has troubles for Androids (like black background), I remove it because of weight, maybe I will remake this map later
  6. 0.5* Count of min.army to attack province will increase from 10 to 500, maybe some new scenarios and form.civs, but it's all
  7. Well ok, now it's kinda stable 3857 provinces
  8. I wouldn't post here until it gets stable, like 3-4 days, anyway I finished Turkey and Caucasus
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