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  1. Search on youtube, this mod installed like the other ones
  2. Android - just install aрk PC - unzip the archive into the root folder of the game
  3. hi bruh i doing a project i want to add you to what country you will be ?

    1. Suzema


      Um, ok, here's borders 


    2. davidtjk



  4. If you mean other continents - no
  5. @kokakolabrooooo @giannisgkouv2 I updated links, download again and read a readme file in archive
  6. (PC) If game crashes after install, check your game version, mod needs the latest version 1.01415_ELA, at earlier version it didn't work. (Android) If game crashes or stuck at downloading, or didn't installing - try delete other AoC mods/game if you have and don't forget to delete old version of BEII before installing
  7. That's because you have another AoC II on your phone, better to instal only one mod at the same time
  8. Release of new version of Bloody Europe II - 1.0. Whats new: -New map - Bloody Europe 2.0 +4434 provinces(4321 land); +462 formable civilizations; +60 scenarios, historical and alternative, global and local (years are shown for global scenarios): Bronze Age; Ancient Greece; First Punic War (264 BC); Pax Romana (5 year); Pagan World; Division of the Roman Empire (395 year); Charlemagne (769 year); Northern Invaders; Otton the Great (936 year); Themes of Byzantium; France 1030; Emirs of Taifas; The First Crusade (1099 year); Angevin Empire; The Third Crusade (1187 year); Medieval Baltics; The Fourth Crusade (1204 year); Feudal Madness (WIP); Ruthenian Principalities; End of Arpads; Hundred Years War (1337 year); The Golden Bull(1356 year); Fall of Serbian Empire; Fryske Frijheid; Rise of the Ottomans (1444 year); War of Roses; Pugachev Rebellion; Eighty Years War (1579 year); French War of Religion; Ottoman Eyalets; Thirty Years War(1618 year); English Civil War; War of the Spanish Succesion (1701 year); Seven Years War (1756 year); Historical French Regions; Risorgimento; Victorian Era (1836 year); Franco-Prussian War (1871 year); Cantonal Rebellion; Before the Storm (1912 year) The Great War (1914 year); Russian Civil War; The End of the War to end all Wars (1918 year); Kaiserreich (1920 year); 1936; Apres Moi Le Deluge (1936 year); Civil War in Spain; World War II(1939 year); Cold War (1957 year); Yugoslavian War; Holy New World (2018 year); Modern World (2020 year); Religion Wars; Ethnic Wars; Caucasus; Regional Wars; 2035; Battle of Titans -New scenarios at German Empire map: Westfalischer Friede (1648 year) Franzosische Revolution (1789 year) Despite the enormous work that has been done, it is still not enough. There may be flaws in the mod, errors, bugs that will be fixed in future updates. The more errors are you found, the faster a new update will be released that will fix them. DOWNLOAD LINKS YOU CAN FIND AT THE FIRST PAGE OF THIS TOPIC Have a nice game!
  9. With this I inform you with that minimal limit army to attack will NOT be added in 1.0 update, because of some troubles, that I can't solve now. Maybe it will be in next update with navigable rivers, maybe not.
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