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  1. You almost right, this is Yokuda, but I kinda replaced the lore with my headcanon, as I did in almost all parts of mod. In my headcanon, Yokuda wasn't sunken, but almost all of yokudans (redguard ancestors) was banished from Yokuda by sinistral elves, I will elaborate that later
  2. Try to google how to open .jar files, or try again to reinstall Java, don't forget to accept option "Associate .jar files with Java". I'm sorry for this troubles, but I can't do anything more with it
  3. Right click on AoES.jar -> Open with... -> choose Java
  4. What exactly doesn't work? Does AoES.jar have Java ico?
  5. pc and android, but wasn't the same thing in 2.2?
  6. Update for Age of Elder Scrolls - 2.3 List of updates: +Changes on the Nirn map: 1. 3 new provinces (4648 -> 4651) 2. +8 form. civilizations; 3. +3 new scenarios, reworked Aldmeris in all scenarios, minor fixes, cut out scenario "Oblivion Crisis" (scenario Oblivion Crisis with Cyrodiil's territory remained, but not in working order yet); +25 new civilizations; +11 national bonuses; + Changes in the code as in BE II version 1.1.7 (for more information go here) You can download update from first page of this topic
  7. Did you do that on Android? If so, this is problem of original game, you can't edit anything in map on Android, it will not save
  8. This is a bug for 4 and lower core processors for Android, I don't know how to fix it
  9. Update for Age of Elder Scrolls - 2.2 Update list: +Changes on the Nirn map: 1.Some new provinces on the map (4620 -> 4648); 2.Cosmetic changes to the background (the shapes of some provinces were changed, islands were added, some terrain color changes); 3.+27 form. civs.; 4.+7 new scenarios, fixes and adjustments in all other scenarios; 5. Fixed some bugs, added some missing province connections; +101 new civilization; +41 national bonuses; +4 new types of terrain (3 of them will be used on the new map, which will appear in the next update); +Several new disease
  10. DON'T put files from archive into game folder! Put them into some empty folder, launch game with AoES2.jar
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