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  1. Actual version - WIP Age of Pirates II - modification, that takes you to Caribbean Sea, into Golden Age of piracy. +New map - Caribbean Sea (657 provinces) A unique feature of the mod is that you will capture not only land provinces, but also sea. +Some new government, like Pirate brotherhood or Colony administration. +Remaded buildings and population for authenticity +Scenarios from Age of Discovery to Modern days +Good soundtrack This is not full list of what will be in mod, in future I add new maps and, maybe, events. Download links - Is not released yet. My group in VK - firstovinc My other mods: Age of Elder Scrolls Bloody Europe II
  2. New update for Bloody Europe II - 0.4.1! Update list: +New map - German Empire: -5 scenarios, 936 provinces; +Fixed army positions on the Bloody Europe map; +Count of formable civilizations - 351; +50 music compositions (only for PC); +12 new historic scenarios; -Ancient Greece; -769 year; -936 year; -France 1030 year; -Remaded 1066 year; -1187 year; -1204 year; -1337 year; -1579 year; -English Revolution; -Northern War; -Franco-Prussian War; Download links at the pinned post in this topic
  3. When I made English translate, it can take some time
  4. Making new map for mod - Tamriel+ 876 provs is ready
  5. Update for Age of Elder Scrolls - 1.2 What's new: -Cut out the map of Nirn; -New interface available for all scales; -New map - Simplified Tamriel (0.1) (210 provinces, 87 form.civs., 9 scenarios); -A deeper elaborate of the Vvardenfell map (8 form.civ., 7 scenarios) and Shivering Islands (4 form.civ., 8 scenarios); -Fixed the view of armies in the provinces of all maps; -Some new form. and scenarios for the map of Tamriel, redesigned scenarios 4E 2 and Dagoth Ur; -Increased values for some cheat commands; -Increased buffs/debuffs for landscape types; -Continents remaked for "mega-regions"; An additional innovation for the PC version is plugins. Plugins can be installed at your own discretion, the principle of installation is the same as the installation of the mod - throw a folder in the root directory of the game and replace all the files. + Plugin "Russian localization of cities"; + Plugin "New music pack." Download links: Android-version: https://cloud.mail.ru/public/2F3Z/3rD23xCcE https://yadi.sk/d/QQiPTI1e0WHM0Q https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lIRACVIbM2eti6Hg7gu73MNqgxdTHhqM/view?usp=sharing PC-version: https://cloud.mail.ru/public/4UHt/TDK28eQG3 https://yadi.sk/d/oi5mNITb7Ms1Wg https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uaArIx6J1gK0gQg4Mg4GkBKegqxggdMX/view?usp=sharing Plugins: https://cloud.mail.ru/public/UZhj/5GGWEgGPx https://yadi.sk/d/avb4aRqmUYBeeQ https://drive.google.com/file/d/16YH0MLNBrhYpRsMrnlBm0wopvs-MFgFP/view?usp=sharing
  6. Download archive and replace all files from archive to root folder of the game
  7. Download арк file, delete original game or other mods if you have, launch арк file and install
  8. Making new map - Simplified Tamriel, also elaborate Shivering Isles map and Vvardenfell map
  9. Nobody who I asked have problem with this, and I don't have this problem at my PC and Android If you have this problem at PC, try to delete all AoC files (or execute them to another folder), reinstall AoC and install mod If this problem at Android, delete ALL AoC mods and original and reinstall mod
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