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  1. Well My pc is not slow at all. It has 8GB ram with i5-8250U. I guess it's good enough to play this game. I have another PC which has 64 GB ram with i7, but I still got the same problem at there.
  2. I've been playing this game like for a year now. This bug never happened before to me. One day, I played this game, then at some point (when turns get over roughly 600), For a screw up reason, I was not able to decrease or increase the relationship with other civilizations. This really annoyed me. I couldn't send ultimatum to any country because I couldn't decrease the relationship under -10, Can't make up the alliance with other countries ect... Here's the screenshot of it. If you know how to fix this problem, please tell me. I've s
  3. Unzip the file then go to map Age of Civilizations II \ map\ Earth\ scenarios then put the folder in there
  4. Recently I played a Modern World scenario and I have realized the balance of the scenario is not base on real world. The developer made strong counties to be weak and gave more power to weak countries to make them stronger than they really are so it makes any country to playable. but I was wondered if I re-balance this scenario based on the real world, wouldn't it be more fun? and I did it right away and here's the result. I hope you have fun with this scenario modernworld.rar
  5. You don't have to be offensive to somebody.
  6. Hi I loved this scenarios but at some point while I playing it, I was not able to cut down the relationships with other countries.
  7. I was looking for WW1 scenarios but I couln't find it. Instead, I saw many people who are also looking for WW1 scenarios, and I decided to make a Scenario about World War. (So if you have a good knowledge about World War 1, please support me to tell me the events about WW1 because I don't know much about WW1... ) Email -> (jiy10071007@gmail.com)
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