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  1. He's dangerous so better watch out please.


  2. Hey man, I still need that link btw that expired. Just a reminder. 

  3. hi forret pls message me


  4. image.png.c13b3653390788627172caba108953be.png

    Greater Austria 😳 

    1. Forret


      I expect map is done in 3 days

    2. davidtjk
  5. here are the raiders image.png.89a8f424b047048eee411bdb4e3c683b.png

  6. did you make this image or profile picture?

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    2. Forret


      Did you hear anything about Mapsandbox?

    3. davidtjk
    4. Forret


      He talks sometimes on Discord but not much

  7. They deleted my account wtf


  8. Hmmm, how about this, after genociding in Poland, many rebels has rising everywhere. Republic of North Germany & Austro-Bavarian kingdom declared Independence and signed neo-treaty versailles with the allies. Soviet Union is ruined did'nt get much influence except Romania
  9. I've released new scnario: Fall of Eu-Nato. If you want to play this scenario you need to take these files: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jdW2b2Eti7KZc81ufckXlSxlfnb227mk/view?usp=sharing If you want screenshot, just watch this video: Fall of EU & NATO.rar
  10. Forret

    AOC2 mapper

    Hello, I've started AOC2 channel, for now I play 1440 scenario but I will also release new scenario's. Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKqk6OaKpGtK0rCbYd2fEPA
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