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  1. He's dangerous so better watch out please.


  2. image.png.c13b3653390788627172caba108953be.png

    Greater Austria 😳 

    1. Forret


      I expect map is done in 3 days

    2. davidtjk
  3. here are the raiders image.png.89a8f424b047048eee411bdb4e3c683b.png

  4. They deleted my account wtf


  5. Hmmm, how about this, after genociding in Poland, many rebels has rising everywhere. Republic of North Germany & Austro-Bavarian kingdom declared Independence and signed neo-treaty versailles with the allies. Soviet Union is ruined did'nt get much influence except Romania
  6. I've released new scnario: Fall of Eu-Nato. If you want to play this scenario you need to take these files: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jdW2b2Eti7KZc81ufckXlSxlfnb227mk/view?usp=sharing If you want screenshot, just watch this video: Fall of EU & NATO.rar
  7. Forret

    AOC2 mapper

    Hello, I've started AOC2 channel, for now I play 1440 scenario but I will also release new scenario's. Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKqk6OaKpGtK0rCbYd2fEPA
  8. You should do it, but it will be challenge (or not) haha
  9. Forret


    I totally agree, but I am a pro with aoc2
  10. Marvel scenario so far.

    What do you think?



  11. congress of Berlin.rar
  12. Congress of Berlin is a scenario after the Russo-Ottoman war. Germany, Austria-Hungary and Russia signs Reinsurance Treaty. First things first: By formable civilizations remove Germany from weimar repubic or change it to Federal repubic of Germany congress of Berlin.rar
  13. What do you think about this?


    1. davidtjk


      hey can we talk

    2. davidtjk
    3. Forret


      sure, what is it?

  14. Franco-German Commonwealth


  15. First 1: Kingdom of Austria

    Second: Greater Austria



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    2. davidtjk


      like that day ok

    3. Forret


      hmm... do you need ideas?

    4. davidtjk


      yes but can we talk like that day

  16. This remind me something, did you ever heard about of Chimera protocol and/or Armageddon? It's created by Varot on youtube
  17. Not really I tried to talk to him but failed
  18. I totally agree, by the way we should focus creating new scenarios
  19. Let's stop, if we don't agree it makes no sense. Other subject please.
  20. However 1 comment you are right. I don't get it.
  21. I'm sorry if I did insult you. Fine, I take it all back
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