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  1. 57 minutes ago, davidtjk said:

    hey forret today i will 2 scenarios because i am to close for finishing scenaario name is like what if axis lost but they lost more land and like russia come democracy germany come comunist

    This remind me something, did you ever heard about of Chimera protocol and/or Armageddon? It's created by Varot on youtube

  2. 1 minute ago, kokakolabrooooo said:

    yeah you are saying that cuz you are on his side 😉

    dont worry i wont start any argue but kid

    u fucking got in conversation like daddy protecting here

    i didnt said anything wrong so.. yeah

    If I did insult you than I'm sorry.

    And no I'm not on his side I'm neutral.

    For example if you keep me calling dude 100 times I don't mind either

  3. Sorry for the wait, but this morning/afternoon I've got a lot of work to do, don't worry right now I've got some more time.

    Yes I have a Idea.

    Alternate Great war: Year 1864.

    South America: Triple Alliance war (Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay vs Paraguay supported by Peru-Bolivia and Chili

    North Amercia: American Empire has been formed and demand Canada from British Empire. 

    Europe: German Empire & Kingdom of Italy has formed early, French Empire (Napoleon III) and Austrian Empire are upset and formed Franco-Austrian Alliance, Kingdom of the Netherlands wants Belgium back and signed Stahlpact Alliance with German Empire and Kingdom of Italy. Also high tensions between Russian and Ottoman Empire.

    Asia: Empire of Japan has formed and they demand land from Qing, Russian Empire and Dutch East Indies.

    What do you think?


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