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  1. Well, I'm also weird sometimes but it does'nt matter right?
  2. Does it bother you? I don't mind
  3. Not bad, you mean Kerensky (Russia) and Rosa Luxemburg (Germany) but I do not know leader of socialist Italy
  4. Great work, oh and If you want more Ideas, I have still more in my mind
  5. Sorry for the wait, but this morning/afternoon I've got a lot of work to do, don't worry right now I've got some more time. Yes I have a Idea. Alternate Great war: Year 1864. South America: Triple Alliance war (Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay vs Paraguay supported by Peru-Bolivia and Chili North Amercia: American Empire has been formed and demand Canada from British Empire. Europe: German Empire & Kingdom of Italy has formed early, French Empire (Napoleon III) and Austrian Empire are upset and formed Franco-Austrian Alliance, Kingdom of the Netherlands wants Belgium
  6. hmm… not a bad idea, let's do it. I do have a teamname, how about 'The Producers'? What do you think?
  7. hmm… Alright thx. I do have some idea's if you like. For example: Alternate history of empires. French Empire, German Empire, Austria-Hungary, Polish-Lithuanian-Ruthenian Commonwealth, Byzantine Empire, Iberian Union, Kalmar Union Italy will be splitted between France, Greeks and Austro-Hungarians. These European superpowers also got colonies in Africa, South-East Asia and South America. But you are the boss.
  8. Just in case you did'nt know, Davidtjk released alternative cold war, when rebels kills Hitler. Here is the link. I will update it very soon.
  9. Great job, keep up the good work. If you want more new idea's, I may help you. Let me know.
  10. I've got a Idea: 3 worlds of cold war After Operation Typhoon failed and Hitler start concentrations camps, rebellions strats everywhere from koningsberg to Vienna. Rebels formed kingdom of North Germany, Austria and Bavaria declared Austro-Bavarian kingdom. An Alliance named Danubian pact has been created between Kingdom of north Germany, Kingdom of Austria-Bavaria, later Tsardom of Bulgaria and kingdom of Romania declared war on Axis and joined Danubian pact. In 1942 Hitler has been killed, Rebels signs a Neo-Treaty of Versailles with the allies. Hungary cedes all of
  11. War is cruel, Central Powers won the war but then Red Revolution begins everywhere. Britain, France en Germany has fallen to the reds but Monarchs escaped to Canada, Africa and East Prussia. Austria-Hungary & Ottoman Empire has fallen because of minorities. From the all victors only Bulgaria remains and Central Powers has been disbanded. But Remants of Entente keeps their Alliance, USA joined. In Spain also a civil war. What will happen next? The year will be the end of 1919. Redworld1919.rar
  12. Almost, you can say that Britain, Italy, Albania & Bulgaria are the winners.
  13. In 1914 broke world war 1 out but Germany, Austria-Hungary & Ottoman Empire did'nt too well. The Germans only victory was in Luxemburg & Belgium, Warsaw offensive collapsed and in Austria-Hungary has many rebels rising up. Bulgaria joined & Italy too because Austria-Hungary agrees to gives Italy Trieste City, Trentino but keeps Tyrol. In 1915 the Central Powers decided to fund many rebels in Russia but Germany & Austria-Hungary has no choice to make peace with polish & croats rebels and lost Posen, Galicia, Slavonia & Dalmatia but in return, both joined t
  14. I advice to download all maps to their all rightfull location. For Example Age of Civilizations 2 - > map -> Earth -> Scenarios. or: Age of Civilizations 2 -> game What do you think about this? After Central Powers won the Eastern front but Wilhelm accept white peace in the west. Only Japanese Empire refuses. Germany will withdraw their forces but in return the Entente gives their colonies back. Capital will be Berlin because Vienna is too close to Austro-Hungarian border. Everyone pays their own war reparation. Many Econom
  15. no worries, everyone make mistakes. By the way this scenario is finished.
  16. Stay Tuned Map is ready. I only need adds some (alternate) leaders. It will be launched very soon.
  17. Modern Word Empires & Kings is finished. Copy all maps flags-leaders to -> Age of Civilizations 2 -> game Scenario to -> Age Civilizations -> map -> Earth -> Scenarios 1573932764050lgxhfwqo.zip flags-leaders.zip
  18. It's the year 1912: Dutch Queen Wilhemina has been assassinated by Belgian nationalist in Brugge. The Dutch lost their ruler and starts mobililizing their troops and many ships are send. Belgium also sends troop to the Dutch-Belgian border. The British Empire sends a ultimatum to the Netherlands to stop mobilizing and stocking many ships there. But the German Empire supports the Dutch. On 27th September 1912: The Netherlands declared war on Belgium, the British declared war on Netherlands and the German Empire declared war on the British Empire, Luxemburg and Belgium.
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