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  1. When hacés tus momos en video, el futuro es hoy viejo, but te terminan baneando, oh mi lente de contacto, (se ríe de forma maniática).
  2. Ask Gylala if she can make a map of that since it is the one that has created the most maps in the community (in fact the terraformed map of Mars was made by her / him), you could also ask which one another user who creates maps that he can do (I'm also interested in planet maps and other things).
  3. El mod aún no ha salido y por culpa de la cuarentena, el mod no progresa debido a que uno de los que están haciendo el mod no puede salir de casa (no sé que tiene que ver pero bueno), te recomiendo hablar inglés en esta comunidad porque aquí hay gente de muchas nacionalidades.
  4. It is difficult to know who knows and who does not. (I know I answered 2 times but I didn't want to edit the one above because you have to give an explanation and I don't think it would be worth it).
  5. Yes and because of calling it "Nazism" there are many people who think that National Socialism is a right-wing ideology, even if it is an independent Ideology of Liberalism or Conservative (also known as left and right).
  6. There are people who place "Republic" in governments but not "Parliamentary Republic" and "Presidential Republic". It is better than in a historical strategy game to put the names without abbreviations (Although the game reaches rare and unhistorical situations) it is better that the game is more realistic although in some moments it does not arrive.
  7. Most people in this community know it as "national socialism" so there is little point in calling it "Nazism" Although for people who don't know politics, say "Nazism" instead of "National Socialism", but they are also those who believe that fascism is the same as Nazism. The point is that it is unprofessional to put "Nazism" in the game forms of government just because the word "Nazism" is a type of abbreviation. It is a typical error of these mod types to put "Nazism" and not "National Socialism". Another mistake is not to confuse "Presidential Republic" with "Parliamentary Republic" but tha
  8. But if you put National Socialist you could invent similar governments but with different names and ideologies like the "National Communist" that adopts communist ideologies instead of socialists.You could invent ideologies similar to Nazism without having to play puns, and people would already know what you mean. To be honest, I think it's easy to know that most people know that Nazism is actually a nickname for National Socialism, and it could be educational to give it the right name.
  9. It can but if you start to change things like the game engine it could fix everything and even improve the optimization. The problem is that you would be recreating the game. It would be better if you only loaded the continent graphically while the others did not (if you did not understand me, I said that you graphically load the continent that is seen on the camera and the rest only in memory).
  10. The only way the mod works on android is that separating everything into boxes and what the screen shows are the only boxes that load.The camera could not focus on the entire map as there is a limit to zoom out. In places where they would not charge and where there would be other civilizations, they would only be doing mathematical operations and all that would not fully charge if not even the camera focused. It is very difficult to understand and explain what I mean but well.When you are loading the map an image will be displayed while the camera would pan over the entire map and the image mi
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