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  1. Please... PLEASE. Add the provinces for san marino and vatican. If you can REALLY QUICKLY DO THAT and send me the file, you'll be my savior. I wanted to have the pope conquer everyone!!!! :))) (oh and sanmarino is just a nice thing to have...) SO YEAH PLEASE! (This is partly because map editor isn't working for me, if someone could help me with that instead, i could do this on my own!)
  2. my email is lavidasteen101@gmail.com I would like to verify, but well... I'll get Add-on instead. good to have an alternate though.
  3. now the prov file isn't even appearing after i create one...
  4. Yes, I am copying the PROV file... but it isn't working.
  5. Hey. Whenever I attempt to use the map editor, my provinces never save. I know i'm supposed to have one then dupe it... but it never appears... If you don't know what to do, uh, can you make this map? I just really need this for my scenario or else it isn't true to lore. The map
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