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  1. Matimele

    Every AoC 2 game ever

    Same with Albania Macedonia And spain italy
  2. Matimele


    It might be the "age of civilizations" scenario, Under the new game button
  3. Matimele

    Footage of 17 units stationed in a base

    Łukasz plz add some of our scenarios into the game pls
  4. Matimele

    Interwar Period Scenario

    Hörn (or whatever it's called) should be Austrian
  5. Matimele

    Nations of the Austria - Hungary

    Why i italy and romania a whole?
  6. Matimele


    I'm sorry where the hell is Poland
  7. Matimele

    The Industrial Collapse

    It's still amazing though
  8. Matimele

    World War |

    Dude how can you mess up the map of WW1 like that?
  9. Matimele

    Low-effort meme about Łukasz Jakowski

    Btw Łukasz should really add some of our scenarios into the game so we don't have to mess with the files. If he would add a bunch i'm sure everybody will find at least one scenario they like. For example my favorite from the three scenarios he added made by us was 1836.
  10. Matimele

    Holy Roman Soviet Republic

    Da, Germania Stupid
  11. Matimele

    The Industrial Collapse

    Yeah, making them rele Yeah, making them releasable is a much better idea than making them independent
  12. Matimele

    The Industrial Collapse

    Looks really awesome and I appreciate the effort put into it and the events but I think there are too many countries. It would be cooler if you made countries split into 3 small states or 4 states for the bigger countries. Because 7 countries for Switzerland is a bit too much. Otherwise I will definitely play the scenario ☺😀
  13. Matimele

    Photo Taken before Disaster

    I don't understand