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    Tan Panama reacted to Dave ☢ in Age Of Civilizations II: Ultimate Overhaul   
    Age of Civilizations 2: Ultimate Overhaul
    It's been a while!
    Welcome, dear people, who are still interested in the Development of UO! I do not know why the discord invite is invalid, i set it to forever, lmao.
    So, I'm back. (Again), and we are still working on the mod. But due to the current situation of the Virus in europe, this all can just crumble down. I am happy, that I didn' t stop development, because these last time were incredibly harsh. But I'm back. (Fixed the Discord server link.)
    We need Scenario & event creators!
    Age of Civilizations is a game that focuses on grand strategy, politics and other government driven elements. Łukasz Jakowski however, included something in the game that is rare in other grand strategy games. Customization. Customizing civilizations, leaders, maps, Whole scenarios, events in these scenarios, etc, etc...
    This, i think is a very good thing. The only bad thing about this, is that the game focuses more on the custom creative aspect than the realistic grand strategy one. This mod is going to be an overhaul for both these things.
    Unfortunately, a mod with the same goals named Addon+ is being created right now. My mod is still in a Debug alpha phase, and i can't release it in a state like this.
    This mod will include the following list of things:
    Translated Loading Screens
    The Great War (World War I) With historical events, leaders and custom civilizations, starting in 1st of January, 1914. (I've started doing it, The events are halfway done!)
    Overhauling the World War II Scenario in the following ways:
    Adding historical events with descisions.
    Setting an other start time for the Scenario for better readiness.
    Giving More corresponding bonuses to leaders given by their personality.
    Scenario "Die Folge" (The aftermath) happening right after the first world war, (Yes, believe it or not, lots of stuff happened after the first world war) containing a variety of events.
    Scenario "A Modern Mona Lisa" Containing the events of mostly Hitler taking control over germany (1920-1930). If you want to play as a country, that is falling apart at the moment, this is for you.
    A Cold War Scenario is also being made, but i'm not promising anything for this one.
    Including a large variety of backgrounds, from a realistic one with every little mountain on earth, to a low resolution one for computers that can't handle the mod that good.
    Government, ideologies:
    From the leftist Communism the the Extreme right Fascism there are an estimate of ~15 ideologies being made right now including governments that are only avalible on 1 country in real life, or none anymore such as Patriotism (Hungary) Democratic Republic, Despotic Monarchy, so on and so forth. Planning on creating an election system for democratic countries just like in Hearts of Iron IV.
    Yes, every Scenario, Custom Leader, Loading screen and such will be translated into other*1 languages.
    Custom Maps:
    Custom Maps will be added to the mod, with custom scenarios, so people can create something new on a new map. Current map plans include Hungary, Austria, Germany, Washington, Budapest and The map of Graz.
    Of course, if we make scenarios, we need to make sure, that we have good leaders for each scenario. From a Revolutionary Gavrillo Princip to an alternative timeline Franz Ferdinand, there will be as much leaders as possible.
    Thank you for reading!
    Current Status: Started with V0.0.4.8 on 22nd of january 2020
    -A HOI4 style focus tree, but in this mod, it's called "Descision Tree", to avoid being sued by Paradox.

    (I can't show you the whole thing just yet.)
    -There will be lots of new stuff in the game, as we just decompiled it. These new system include:
    -More types of Vassals (Dominion, Colony, Crown Colony, State, Soviet Socialist State, etc, etc...)
    -Democratic elections all four years, if the country is: Democratic, Republic, City State, Patriotism
    -Ideological support system (See: hearts of iron 4) as you do your actions
    -Changing the values of terrains, planning before war nescessary
    -Adding seasons, each one having it's own effects on attacks, income and happiness
    -Adding religions
    -Adding a "secret service" action, where up to 400 people can work on a specific assignment, such as:
    Special Operations
    *1: Other: This mod will not be translated to all languages, as that would be pretty hard to make. If you'd like to translate to your own, come to our discord!
    If you want to help me create the mod, or get a  look in the development diary with more images about the mod, feel free to join our discord server!: https://discord.gg/MnYRMxh
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    Tan Panama reacted to Suzema in Bloody Europe II | OLD TOPIC   
    New patch for Bloody Europe II - 0.3.1B
    What has been fixed:
    - "Missclicks" in some formed civilizations;
    -Fixed localization of governments;
    -Removed leaders;
    -Made autoinstaller for PC.
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    Tan Panama reacted to Suzema in Bloody Europe II | OLD TOPIC   
    Modern world scenario, 1243/2487 towns is ready

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    Tan Panama reacted to Kelvinnn in Bloody Europe II | OLD TOPIC   
    i hope theres bloody asia in future
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    Tan Panama reacted to Suzema in Bloody Europe II | OLD TOPIC   
    Bloody Europe II thawed!
    Now another person is in charge of the mod! I have recruited a development team and there will be updates in the future!
    Bloody Europe II - it's a mod with a huge map of Europe.

    In these mod is:

    -Giant map of Europe (4434 provinces) + big map of Europe (2637 provinces) + large map of German Empire (937 provinces)
    -Large count of scenarios from ancient times to alternative future
    -New fonts and music
    -Plenty of new civilizations, form civs and unions

    Mod has been released! Actual version - 1.0
    Download links:
    Google Drive
    Google Drive

    My group in VK- firstovinc

    My other mods:
    Age of Elder Scrolls
    Age of Pirates II

    Mods by friends:

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    Tan Panama reacted to Rimrome in New overlays   
    Added new overlays for the flag editor. All files throw in a folder flags_editor
    If you have any ideas for new overlays, please send them in comments

    upd1: added 40 colonial flags
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    Tan Panama reacted to Germoney The Attacker in World Map V2   
    Hey Today I Come With A Idea And That Is: Make A Larger World Map On Aoc2 Can U Send Me Maps Well The One I Found For Now Is This 
    Note: The Map Need Have Antartica

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    Tan Panama reacted to jws29095 in Pax Britannia Chapter 3: Feeding France, Castilian Stupidity, and Iberian Domination   
    Between the last chapter and this one there were 20 years of relative quiet and stability. This chapter picks up in 1490(turn 340). 

    I'm in a conundrum: Do I side with Castile and eat tiny!France? Or do I side with my vassal and declare on Castile. Well I put it off for a few months until I kicked Castile from the alliance. So that is just what I did.

    Also Castile had some issues with Tunis and a separate minor. I reached technology 0.6 in June 1492

    After a year and a half of flinging men into Castilian occupied lands and attempting to unsiege France, Aragon declares on ME. So now I'm at war with Castile, AND Aragon. I had sieged most of Castile down so fighting Aragon wasn't too terrible.

    6 years into the Second Franco-Castillian War.
    Individually, both I and France are better off than Castile. That tiny minor form earlier? Yea, that was a Native American tribe who sieged down most of the lower Iberian peninsula. I of course, grabbed Gibraltar.

    The Aragonese-Anglo War is much more successful with a full occupation in 5 and a half years.
    Not long after, France and I peaced Castile out taking Andorra and giving France her former territory back. As for Aragon. All of her Mediterranean holdings and most of her Iberian territory were taken by France and I, leaving Aragon as a 3 province minor. I suspect in 12 years or so, that France and Castile will be at it again.
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    Tan Panama reacted to Evidential in Modern Day + Mod   
    Modern Day +

    The AOC2 Modern Day Expansion is a Mod Where I Add in Many New Things Into The Scenario: Modern Day
    - New Army Sizes
    - Diplomacy
    - Alliances
    - Events
    - Economy
    - Excitement For All
    Version 0.3 ALPHA <-- LATEST
    Modern Day +.zip
    Version 0.2 ALPHA
    Modern Day +.zip
    Version: 0.11 ALPHA
    Modern Day +.zip
    Version: 0.1 ALPHA
    Disclaimer: Do Not Copy This Mod.
    This Mod Uses the Real Life Sizes of The Army In Real Life and Divides It By 50
    All The Economic Sizes Are Calculated By Their Real Life GDP
    Change Log:
    0.3 ALPHA- Added Afircan Union, Added A TON of Events, Added Some Ecomomies and Armies, Bug Fixes, Added Somaliland, Added Putinism, updated the Governments.json, READ THE NOTES IN THE ZIP FILE!!!!!!
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    Tan Panama reacted to Łukasz Jakowski in How to create new wonders   
    Great, you can also use Map Editor and in the top right box is position of last mouse clicked position. So you can use that too. Nice tutorial!
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    Tan Panama reacted to Indonesian Emirati in New Leaders + New scenario   
    @SuperGion915 I've some problem with these flags and names, can you fix it?



















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    Tan Panama reacted to SuperGion915 in New Leaders + New scenario   
    It includes:
    New scenario (Modern Day 2019)
    Updated Leaders for some nations
    Added new leaders for all the nations in the Modern Day 2019
    Added some leaders for a WWI scenario
    Added leaders of Football scenario
    Added new leaders and photos for some random civilizations like:
    - Texas
    - California
    - Mexican Empire
    - Yucatan
    - Baja California
    - Sonora
    - Mexico
    - Vermont
    P.D: You have to replace the leaders informations to the ones in the file or some leaders will not work

    NEW UPDATE, It contains: 
    - New leaders
    - Correction of some leaders
    - Some historic leaders from some nations
    - Modified Kazakhstan and Algeria leaders
    - Changed some leader images
    - Added civilizations to the leaders
    - Leaders from custom civilizations (Or in other way useless for the moment)
    - Leaders with incorrect born dates (for them to appear in the correct scenario)
    - Leaders without link to wiki pages
    NEW UPDATE V1, It contains: 
    - Leaders of the normal Modern World scenario
    - Updated Ukraine and El Salvador presidents
    - Current Panama president was changed by the elected president
    - Changed some leader images
    This will probably be the last update for the moment because I'm making a mod for AoC2
    NEW UPDATE V2, It contains: 
    - Some leaders for another civilizations
    - Some Cold War, WW1 and The triple alliance leaders
    - Update of some leaders
    - Probably replace the 2019 map with another one
    - New leaders for Modern World scenario of 2018
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    Tan Panama reacted to sergidorian in Each leader with its ideology!   
    Hi! I was thinking about: If it is possible to classify every leader (and add your own new ones) depending on the era in which he/she was born, is it possible to assign a leader to each ideology? For example, if weplay with the UK as a monarchy, we'll be playing with W. Churchill, but if we change into fascists, we may change the leader to someone else, even if it was born in the same era. Could it be possible to do somehow? 
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    Tan Panama reacted to J4DYMY in Own Governments flags   
    Put the 1551645027341nzzxrknd_c_FL.png (remove FL) here: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Age of Civilizations II\game\flags" and 1551645027341nzzxrknd_c_FLH.png (remove FLH) here: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Age of Civilizations II\game\flagsH". Do the same with other gov. flags if you have. For future: FL flags put to the "game\flags" and FLH flags put here: "game\flagsH". Hope it will help 🙂
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    Tan Panama reacted to sanandreasdudas in Own Governments flags   
    27x18 for small flag (FL)
    68x44 for big flag (FLH)
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    Tan Panama reacted to vannet in Own Governments flags   
    and for mobile ?
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    Tan Panama reacted to Łukasz Jakowski in Own Governments flags   
    How to add own flags for Governments of Civilization?
    Each Civilization have own TAG
    Example: "pol" - Poland
    All lists of tags and Civilizations can be found:
    Game files -> game -> languages -> civilizations -> Bundle.properties

    Each type of government have own extra TAG
    Game files -> game -> Governments.json

    For monarch extra tag is: "m"
    Extra_Tag: "m",

    So the flag of Monarch of Poland will have this TAG: "pol_m"
    For the Horde the TAG will be "pol_h" etc.

    Flags location:
    Game files -> game -> Flags - Small flag (Required)
    Game files -> game -> FlagsH - Large flag(Optional)
    For own Civilizations created in "Civilization Creator"

    Game files -> game -> civilizations_editor -> 1544372214811aiomucxo

    "1544372214811aiomucxo" is an example TAG of your Civilization

    "1544372214811aiomucxo_FL.png" Democracy Flag
    "1544372214811aiomucxo_m_FL.png" Monarchy Flag
    "1544372214811aiomucxo_h_FL.png" Horde Flag
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