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  1. I will be awaiting a PC version of this in English.
  2. No, the mod is dead for now, even the OP confirmed it. But all we have to do is wait at least 6 months or so and hopefully it will be alive again.
  3. So I have encountered a Glitched province and my allies have dragged me into a war with the glitched province. When I try to attack it, nothing happens. My allies keep spamming me "join war with Neutral" and when I say no, it will make me lose relations with the nation. When I say yes, it just makes the declared war sound, and it doesn't really do anything else. And each turn Neutral will say they want peace but when I try to piece them, it automatically brings me to the main menu. Is there anyway to fix this? I am also sure with each turn it will increase my War Weariness too.
  4. This has been bugging me for a while. Why does the population of a new vassal decrease a bit when right away it was created? Is it a glitch or a bug? Or is it an intended feature? Never really understood it either.
  5. This is funny but what did you do to get this corrupted? I installed the new update and loaded one of my old saves and it works perfectly fine.
  6. I installed the new update and I do have a question. There are two scenarios seemingly identical to each other starting in 1 January of 1962. Which one is the correct one?
  7. So I saw a comment on a video reviewing the mod and after analyzing what I got wrong, I found that the assets folder holds game, map, etc. so I was being dumb enough putting assets into the files instead of going into assets and replacing from there. So the mod works and I really like how well you put your time and effort into making it. I do have questions for future updates though, will there be more events and or formable nations? Like if you had a Taboritsky event make a Alexei II pop out of nowhere due to a decision chosen or something like that. I also noticed that barely any of the AI w
  8. I have been having issues installing. Every time I delete the AoC2 files and then replace all of it with the TNO mod files, it will not start and it will always make steam update the game back to vanilla AoC2. What am I doing wrong?
  9. This scenario is unable to be played for me. I followed what the text file says and now I cannot play the scenario. Also, when I go in editor and click on 1946, it does nothing, it only makes it so I cannot exit the "Choose your scenario to edit" screen where I have the close the whole .exe file to escape. And yes I have Addon+ installed as well.
  10. So rebels spawned into the world with no civilization and it now counts as a wasteland province or as it says in the menu, a sea province. Is there any way to fix this? I have a screenshot here for proof. And yes, the version I am running is modified.
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