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  1. this is the best aoc2 map mod maybe ever.
  2. i'm happy someone did this
  3. making a sequel in 4000 ad because i got nothing else to do 😕
  4. just a crummy future scenario. events soon. the united federation is struggling to keep it's citizens together in the union. and then the empire will soon fall. Features: alot of custom civs: new providence, uralia, south german confederation, bizium, janousat, united federation, balarussia". etc : / decent flag design PLENTY of cores/original population. happiness rates. CUSTOM GOVERNMENTS. -------------------------------------------------- things i'll add soon: 100% original ideologies/diseases fixed borders, events. formable civilizations. in the next version i'll fix some border gore between kazakstan/mongolia and maybe add entirely new ideologies and events. 1574891372048hpmyrato.zip
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