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  1. Kazat0

    Sith Takeover Mod

    thanks ^^ gonna work on it today i'll upload the update
  2. Kazat0

    Sith Takeover Mod

    Some sneak peaks 🙂 Sith event #1 Sith expansion progress: USA Event #1:
  3. Kazat0

    Sith Takeover Mod

    Version 0.1 is out for testing. There are currently 4 events for the sith empire and 1 event for the united states feel free to post pictures of your progress as either nation. sithtakeover.zip
  4. Kazat0

    Sith Takeover Mod

    Sith Takeover Mod Version 0.1 Author: Kazat0 This mod is very new and in development. This mod is about taking over the world as a custom nation "The Sith Empire" I will add many more events and decisions for nations and other things later on. This mod is inspired by my own sith realist order and some of the discussions we have. You start off as a one province minor in Slidell (this is where I grew up and where the order was made) You must go through the events to gain power in a semi-realistic manner Expect zero content in the alpha stage and it's basically just a custom nation and the base game with a few events. Order website
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