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  1. Adicionei chamo-me Gatinhuu!#5567
  2. Claro tem discord ou algo do género ?
  3. Bora criar um discord para o idioma!
  4. Well i was thinking about do a Zombies Vs. Humans or Nations , and i want all the comunity here to help me , because i have the main idea but i have not the other ideas like nations that can survive to a zombie acopalypse , or other simple things , like do a mod for this , i need your help!
  5. I have a really good idea , but this is for mods , we do a Humans/Nations Vs. Zombies
  6. Eu sou Português e sendo que todos nós falamos português , poderiamos talvez criar um grupo no discord!
  7. Oi eu sou Português , posso entrar na comunidade ? Criem Discord!
  8. Do a thing like , everybody need to accept the turns to pass , just do a accept sistem like in Age Of Conquest IV (Its free btw , just to see how it can work in AOCII) 😁
  9. Everybody saying that is pretty good! Me thinking how i can put this sceneario in my game 😂
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