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  1. as far as I know it doesnt work while youre playing
  2. Is the development on this game ded?

    1. MarkKaiju39


      Yeah, kinda

  3. I agree the Strategic aspect is missing in this game
  4. why is scotland independent?
  5. yeah would be nice If somebody knows how to do it
  6. 1. The Events do not work correctly 2. You can just give a country 100 gold to attack every country and they will do it 3. This game needs encirclemend tactics or some depth in the gameplay or else its just wasted potential
  7. I want to do a automated Peace deal but if i want them to Annex a occupied Nation it does not work
  8. Maybe Eventa in case of german Victory or White Peace if the Allies are not able to stop the Germans until 1948 or something
  9. how can I make the font White thx for the answer
  10. Very good Scenario will you make more Events?
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