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    why is scotland independent?
  2. yeah would be nice If somebody knows how to do it
  3. PApaSpitler

    Age of Fixing bugs

    1. The Events do not work correctly 2. You can just give a country 100 gold to attack every country and they will do it 3. This game needs encirclemend tactics or some depth in the gameplay or else its just wasted potential
  4. PApaSpitler

    1825 Gdyby Napoleon wygrał

    ehm english?
  5. PApaSpitler

    Stalematereich what if WW1 ended in Stalemate

    about 80% done
  6. PApaSpitler

    Stalematereich what if WW1 ended in Stalemate

    Cus i am on my way to translate it already
  7. PApaSpitler

    Stalematereich what if WW1 ended in Stalemate

  8. Sooo I have been working on an Alternative ww1 Outcome Scenario in wich WW1 endet in stalemate and the Empires have been very unstable and even Collabsing | About 30 Events witch i have to translate first into english (from German) | WW2 but Ist 1957 and It can Escalate through Events | Sadly only About 20-25% done So far only europe and NA | 4 Custom Nations with A new german reich and a planned Event tree for Russia the US Germany and so on | Rest of the world will be worked on and I want to make at least 120 Events before release | Events like : 2nd Pylopinesian war , Anschluss , Collapse of Austria hungary , Sudetenland WW2 Alliances through Events and You will Always get the choise If you want to For example : Annex the Sudetenland or not Please leave reccomendations in the Threat and If you want to help me let me know I was very busy The past 2 days soo If you speak german and want to help with the Translation to Speed Things up a bit let me know Here some Screenshots
  9. PApaSpitler

    Events Without a Spesific Country

    I dont think ots possible
  10. PApaSpitler

    How can I make a country annex a occupied country through events

    I will try that out thx
  11. I want to do a automated Peace deal but if i want them to Annex a occupied Nation it does not work
  12. PApaSpitler

    WW2 - August 1st, 1943

    Maybe Eventa in case of german Victory or White Peace if the Allies are not able to stop the Germans until 1948 or something
  13. PApaSpitler

    Kaiserreich 0.1 (Based on the HoI4 mod)

    how can I make the font White thx for the answer