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  1. PApaSpitler

    Events Without a Spesific Country

    I dont think ots possible
  2. I want to do a automated Peace deal but if i want them to Annex a occupied Nation it does not work
  3. PApaSpitler

    WW2 - August 1st, 1943

    Maybe Eventa in case of german Victory or White Peace if the Allies are not able to stop the Germans until 1948 or something
  4. PApaSpitler

    Kaiserreich 0.1 (Based on the HoI4 mod)

    how can I make the font White thx for the answer
  5. PApaSpitler

    WW2 - August 1st, 1943

    Very good Scenario will you make more Events?
  6. PApaSpitler

    Großdeutsche Konferenz

    Überfordert 😄 Nee cool mein vater kommt aus Russland
  7. PApaSpitler


    Sprich jemand deutsch hier ?
  8. PApaSpitler

    Großdeutsche Konferenz

    Aus Welchem Bundesland kommt ihr? Ich Aus Rheinlad Pfalz
  9. PApaSpitler

    How to change in-game font [PC]

    Thanks for the veery quick reply
  10. PApaSpitler

    Großdeutsche Konferenz

    sehr Schön
  11. PApaSpitler

    How to change in-game font [PC]

    where do I get the .ttf file from?