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  1. also your scenarios are Unbelievably Historically Inaccurate Also did you make them yourself??
  2. Why am I triggered?? I am just saying youre trying to pretend that addin+ is not stolen but it clearly is and i am not the only one who thinks that way
  3. Waddya mean you named your mod after another great mod so this question is just plain dumb and Id be better off arguing with a wall
  4. ok at this point youre being igrnorant and unaware of your arrogance
  5. I want to create a proper Victorian era scenari would somebody like to help?? cuz i am not very expierienced with events
  6. are you dense?? you clearly didnt come up with that name on your own
  7. you did addon+ and addin+ are basically the same thats not cool man wtf
  8. are you still working on it?
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