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  1. i feel like the scenarios where pressed out if you look at them closely they have a lot of mistakes still im supporting you and your team <333
  2. is the 1910 alt history or why are the borders for gemany so weird and why is alaskar russian??
  3. as i said its cool that you are making this mod and i thank you but just give a appropriate release date nobody forces you to make it so fast
  4. PApaSpitler

    Paint mod

    holy shit when is the release?? is this a overhaul of the game??
  5. why is that? i mean if you cant release it on the given date just dont give a date still im happy that it comes out tomorrow
  6. there is none lukasz was lazy and just added it i guess
  7. no you have to buy it again as far as i know
  8. is it still coming out or is it just another dead mod idea
  9. i dont but being ignorant and denying that he stole the name is annoying me anyways i wont bother him anymore im sorry that i was salty
  10. why are you sorry anyways this game doesnt have an communty anymore also the rudest thing is a bit too much if i would be very rude i would have told him something else
  11. i admit i was a bit salty and im sorry for that still its weird that you protect him cuz he clearly stole the name
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