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  1. I'll close my account! This is the last time I'll write here and last time I'll see posts here. My mod Roma Invicta will be ever open to anyone wants to join with.


    I saw the born of this game and, sadly, his premature death. The game could be better if Lukasz, a complete arrogant who bans everyone regrets him, placed more love to his product and not to money. He decided to make a poorly copy of EU4 and abandon it after a while with a broken AI, bugged as fuck, placebo features and 0 new contenets after this long time (and no, Coronavirus update was not a new contenet) never play it, and never play other Lukasz's game: I think it's an insult to all of us play his games after he picked us for the ass, and I suggest to everyone who are reading this now to do the same! 


    If you want to contact me, see my discord: Gheovgos#0399.


    1. Chairman Baad

      Chairman Baad

      Good-night, sweet prince,

      And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.


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