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  1. I'll close my account! This is the last time I'll write here and last time I'll see posts here. My mod Roma Invicta will be ever open to anyone wants to join with.


    I saw the born of this game and, sadly, his premature death. The game could be better if Lukasz, a complete arrogant who bans everyone regrets him, placed more love to his product and not to money. He decided to make a poorly copy of EU4 and abandon it after a while with a broken AI, bugged as fuck, placebo features and 0 new contenets after this long time (and no, Coronavirus update was not a new contenet) never play it, and never play other Lukasz's game: I think it's an insult to all of us play his games after he picked us for the ass, and I suggest to everyone who are reading this now to do the same! 


    If you want to contact me, see my discord: Gheovgos#0399.


  2. There are some screenshots (emulated via Exagear). The controlls are really fine, and it runs perfectly (30-40 fps, no lag or stuttering, I have low spec Android smartphone, Xiaomi Redmi 7A)
  3. Oh, sorry, I never noticed Reich changed these things, I always thought it depends by source code. Probably he changed the values in type of governments file
  4. 1. You can't 2. You can't 3. You can't 4. You can't 5. You can't 6. You can't Since we don't have source code, these things are just impossible to do, due to we should modify the source code of the game. There is a mod that want to do that, but honestly I think this never happen
  5. Probably you doesnt have enough memory, you need 1GB free on your phone to install it
  6. Hi! Thank you for give a chance for my mod! However, yes, you can modify city names. You need to modify city names placed in some files assets\map\Roma\data. If I remember correctly, there are many files about cities, they're divided. I didn't have time at the time to modify all cities. If you want, I can share your work here, updating Roma Invicta
  7. Hi, I'm sorry but I can't work anymore. It requires so much time, but I don't have it, I need to study in University, unfortunately at moment I have really little free time and prefer to do other things. I know my mod has some bugs (like overpowered provinces, bad provinces connections, some "dirty" borders and probably some historicals mistakes), but I think is playable despite these bugs.
  8. Hi, thank you for liking it! But I dont work on the mod anymore. What device do you use? I suggest to change map scale, maybe it can help you
  9. Just copy and paste your folder Hi, you need to install it manually
  10. Yeah, of course. Sorry for the late reply. You need to to backup of your vanilla folder, once did it you must replace every files in AoC2 folder with my mod. For example, you must replace every "civilization editor" folder with my civilization editor, and so you must do with every folder that you see in zipped file. If I had free time I would create installer
  11. Thank you! However, if you are on Android, just uninstall previous AoC2 versions and install my mod, downloading from links (you can dedice what version to play) and, once it's finished, pushing on downloaded file. If you have enough space (aroung 1.5GB) it will install without problems. Have nice day
  12. Hi, I suggest you to free space on your device
  13. Just an up message to raise up my post and dont let it die due to severals bots.
  14. Thank you man! I'm happy you like my mod, thank you again
  15. Do you have enough free space on your phone? I suggest you to have at least 800MB free
  16. I appreciate your proposal, but I can't work on it anymore, I'm sorry
  17. Are you android or pc user? If you are on android, just install one of the linked file. If you are on PC, you must unzip the package and put every file from RomaInvicta/zip to Steam/AoC2. I suggest you to a backup first
  18. When it stops on 49%, exit and reopen it. It happens in Vanilla?
  19. I'm happy to announce new repackage with the amazing modder @PLe2! With his permission, I made a new repackage for android users: it contains Roma Invicta HQ mod + all scenarios, ideologies, ages, civs and formable civs of Medevial Scenario made by @PLe2. See main post for download! Just one note: some ideologies went into conflict each other, so some are bugged in Medieval Scenarios (you can fix it going to scenario editor).
  20. Just some fixes: some provinces were disconnected, rebalanced all new provinces (the growth rate there were too high), added and fixed some formable civs
  21. At moment, tomorrow I'll realase the same update on Vanilla BG. You can change it using MT Manager
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