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  1. New small and quick update on bugfixes (2.1)
  2. Hi y'all! I always thought play the same country for thousands of turns is really rude. So, I usually put the turn limit as 600-700, due to over these turn you're overpowered. But I recently thought: what if I use this bug as challange? Basically, the founding idea is your "civilization soul" will die after determined turn and it will go to another civ. How do that? I drawn up some rules: 1. Choose a scenario to play. I suggest you some fun scenario like 1440, modern world, 1200. I tested (and enjoyed A LOT!) in 1180 scenario made by amazing modder @PLe2. 2. Set the turn limit. To de
  3. Age of Revolution (Just kidding, I hope he hears us)
  4. Guys I'm sorry but I can't do Egyptian Provinces, nor continue the project at moment. I hope in future to continue it, but everyone is welcome if want to add something! Just send me the files!
  5. @Łukasz Jakowski you said you love your community and without us your games would not be the same. We want facts, not words. Prove it and make one last, worthy update. We must have support that you promised and we deserve!
  6. I love your works! And you're right, after while modding this game become boring. You're the best!
  7. You must download the background you prefer. Vanilla is original BG, while HQ is BG given by AoCModding TR and Addon+ Creators, you can choose one of them
  8. You shouldn't lose them, but I cannot guarantee it.. You should try to install new version without uninstall the older, if it works you will not lose anything
  9. If you have android version, just uninstall old version and install new; if you have PC version, just replace the old files with the new. I'm happy you glad it!
  10. NEW LAST UPDATE! It was a great journey with you! I'm happy to announce the last update for my mod. Despite the cut contents, I finally complete it. Idk if in the future I'll make another update (adding what I planned), so I hope someone will add it (just dm me!). I'll try to do Porting to Vanilla map. Glory to Rome, the Città Eterna! SOURCE I USED: Talessman's Atlas (very helpful, the most of my scenario was based on his maps!) EmperorTigerStar (for Roman Empire Borders and History of South East Asia) Ollie Bye (great mapper, I used it for Middle East pre Achemenid Empire, Asia, and much Mor
  11. It depends on your tastes! I tried to make every country fun to play: you can form Mongol Empire with Xiognu, reunite China with Dynasties, reform Achemenid Empire with Iranian nations, or form Greek Empire. The most important nations here have at least 1 formable civ! I suggest you to play 2 punic war or 3 Third punic war as Roman, you here you can have fun with Senate system
  12. See main post (first page), here the links are updated
  13. SCENARIOS De Bello Gallico - Description Caesar wrote in his commentarii his expedition in Gaul. In few years he conquered a nation. I added this scenario here! De Bello Civili - Description After conquering Gaul, the Senate objected to Caesar: they were afraid of his power. Pompeii and Optimates decided to fight with him, but they lost. De Bellum Alexandrinum - Description During civil war, the Ptolemaic Egypt fell in a civil war: Ptolemy XIII decided to dethrone his sister, Cleopatra, and rule as Pharaon. But Cleopatra was helped by Caesar, due t
  14. Important!!! I'm sad to announce you I have not enough time. So, due to a lack of time, the next scenarios will be without events. I must finish this project by early September and I have a lot of scenario to do, and doing events requires me too much time The planned scenarios are: Update 1.7 De Bello Gallico E ‌De Bello Civili E ‌Third Civil War \ Octavian E ‌What if.. Octavian lost (suggest by BrazilianMod) E ‌Roman Empire (27BC) ‌ Update 1.8 ‌The War of 4 Emperor E ‌Flavian Dynasty ‌117 AD ‌Marco Aurelio ‌ Update 1.9 ‌Severi ‌The Two Em
  15. No, I used original Map Editor. But if you want to create scenarios just open the game editor, you don't need to use Map Editor (it makes you change provinces)
  16. New small update! After 1 month I want to realase this small update to thank who support me! Thanks to everyone who decided to give my mod a try and thanks who gave me feedback! The community are the motivation that keeps me going and makes me try to improve! Thanks to everyone! What I added: bugfixes, 4 new scenarios, new formable civs, Carthago Delenda Est improvement! Enjoy!
  17. Idk exactly, but I think soon, the next will be smaller probably than 1.4
  18. I suggest you to free cache or try each version. Idk what to do honestly if it not works..
  19. New Update! Added a lot of new scenario, bugfixes, new formable civs, new unions (Carthage-Rome and Carthage-Macedony, thanks to @BrazilianMod), Senate System, added King Midas in Odyssey scenario! HOW SENATE WORKS? In Mare Nostrum Scenario and Carthago Delenda Est I implemented Senate for Roman Republic. There are 2 factions, Optimates (a kind of right-wing) and Populares (a kind of left-wing). Each give you benefits: Optimates Improve your money and Economy but make you lose Happiness. Populares instead improve your happines and movements points, but make you lose money and economy.
  20. Do you have another mod installed/AoC2 installed? If yes, uninstall it/them. If not, I suggest you to create other free space
  21. Do you have enough space in your smartphone? Sometimes happens when you have too few space (I suggest at least 1Gb free)
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