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  1. Thanks to AoC2ModdingTR (@Kerems2434) and Addon+ Creators (@Reich), they gave me permission to use their Background! Some screen here: Do you like it? Or do you prefer vanilla BG? Let me know it in the poll! (I'll close it just before I'll release new update) P.S. I added Senate system for Rome Republic: if you will support Optimates (a kind of right-wing politicians) you gain money and economy, but you'll lose happiness. If you will support Populares (a kind of leftist politicians) you gain happiness and diplomacy, but you'll lose money. I added too Civil War: if
  2. Some are so interesting, I'll add them!
  3. Yeah, I'm working now on Second Punic war. I'll release it in the next update. The scenarios I'll release will be: First Punic War, 235 BCE, Second Punic War (with Events), What if.. Chartago won 2nd Punic War (with Events), 200 BCE, Carthago Delenda Est! (with Events, it is 3rd punic war), and ~140 BCE. I added too all your formable civs suggestions
  4. I hope you meant "The sun never sets on the Roman Empire" 😛
  5. Some seems interesting, I'll add it!
  6. If you want so feel free to do it! You can translate events and loading screen quotes. Pm me if you want to do it
  7. I don't have others ideas for them, feel free to suggest any formable civs, I'll add it!
  8. I think only Lukasz and some moderator can pick the topics. Its d̶i̶c̶t̶a̶t̶o̶r̶s̶h̶i̶p̶ cool if he picks high quality mods (for example I think Star Wars mod map deserve to be picked)
  9. Zip AoC2 file, upload it on google drive and send me private message
  10. If you send me your AoC2 folder I'll install it for you
  11. You need to put every file inside Roma Invicta main folder in the game folder. You must put contents of RomaInvicta/music in AoC2/music, RomaInvicta/game/leaders to AoC2/game/leaders and so on. Keep in mind when you will add my map, you need to add lines in Age_Of_Civilizations.json (i add instructions in). Tell me if works!
  12. Can you take me a screenshot of zip file?
  13. New update! I added two new scenarios, bugifxes (i hope you haven't seen those monsters), optimized The Rise of Persian Empire scenario, replaced more sounds and added quotes latin\english in loading screen. Tell me if you like it!
  14. What program do you use to unzip? Probably this is the problem.. Yes I will! I'll start Roman History in the next update
  15. What do you mean with it is grey? Do you tried to redownload the package?
  16. Can you give me more details? You have unzipped it and put files in every folder?
  17. I'm happy to see you! Yes I'm trying to be as accurate as possible. If you get trouble for the small provinces, I suggest you to set scale higher, it should works fine
  18. Scenario: Diadochian's War - Description After the death of Alexander, there was an succession problem: Alexander did not designate an heir. So, his generals fought each other to contend the main power. This is the first Diadochian's War (322BCE). Civilization suggested: whatever Odyssey - Description This is an free-roaming scenario: choose Itaca and explore Greek Mythology! I'm based on Odyssey, the poem written by Homer, but I wanted to add others mythological figures that are not in the original poem (like Knosso's Labyrinth or Medusa). Beside I'm base
  19. For this I hope to be wrong.. he created an "own" community and it could be a good reason to finish the work. But remember he' solo to work on this. I see others mods (not only on AoC2) get hyped and after be abandoned. Usually is: + your promise things - there is probability it comes. But I repeat, I hope I'm wrong, I'll be the first who play it
  20. I think in 2 days, in the next update will be new interesting stuffs! I'm sure you'll like it
  21. What we have of concrete? In his discord channel we see just words, words and words. 0 screenshots or videos, 0 beta/demo, 0 of concrete. Just some screen on strings. However keep in mind he dropped the project 2 times and he announced this 2 years ago. This make me think he doesn't want really to commit in his project. I hope I'm wrong.
  22. Yeah, and i dont understand why people get hyped for this, probably it will die or get abandoned, he promise things that are possible only if you hack the .jar file, but is not open source. If he can do it, well done, I'll be the first who play it, but probably is just words (and yes, I joined discord server)
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