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  1. 6 hours ago, BrazilianMod said:
    How do I create scenarios on mobile and share who knows please tell me

    You need be root user. If you are, you need to go in /system/data/data/age.of.civilizations2

    You can go here using explorer apps like Fx Explorer or MT Manager


    Here you can see everything you've created, like scenario, leaders and civs!

  2. 6 hours ago, BrazilianMod said:
    could you create a scenario if the roman empire never existed

    It seems a great idea, I'll add it! You mean if Mark Antony won at Atium (and so Octavian could not create the Empire) or Rome was never created by Romulus?

  3. 11 hours ago, NinjaSupreme said:

    I have the game for android link it says App is not installed


    Do you have others AoC2 game or others mods? If yes, you need to unistall them: Roma Invicta uses the same signature of AoC2 original, so the system thinks Roma Invicta is an update of AoC2, but it doesnt install. If not, you have enough space in you system? The mod is ~250Mb, so you need at least 800Mb free in your rom. Let me know if you'll solve!

  4. 6 hours ago, BrazilianMod said:
    Your mod is very good you will create more alternative scenarios ?

    Yes I planned other alternative scenarios: What If Carthago won 2nd Punic War and What If Rome never fell. If you want to suggest any others alternative scenarios feel free to suggest me anything! I'm glad you like it 😄

  5. New updates! I added several things: new formable civs, Tigri and Euphrate rivers, new civs, scenarios and music. I improved android version too, now is more stable! See main post for more info!

  6. 10 hours ago, Commieslav said:

    Yeah..I`ve downloaded them on Android before,but this one won`t even start downloading (Oukitel C16 Pro is the phone). And I never downloaded any on pc,so I got stuck there.

    It is simple: you need to put mod's file in each folder required. If I remember right, Ple2 maps contains leaders img, civs img, new scenario and formable civs.. you need to put them AoC2 folder. For example, leaderIMG of Ple2 in leaderIMG of your AoC2, this for all folder you have. For scenario you need to go in map/Earth/scenario, you need to put here Ple2's scenario AND modify Age_Of_Civilizations file (located in /scenario), open it and write here all the name of new scenario you added. For example, if you add only 1210 and 1180 scenario, you need to put in /scenario these two folder, open Age_Of_Civ file and write at the end 1210;1180; (you need to put ; too to divide every scenario). I hope I was clear, if you want more help ask me, don't worry!


    DON'T REPLACE THE FOLDERS! You need to copy each contents and paste in each required folder!

  7. 1 hour ago, Commieslav said:

    Hi people of AoC(2)!

    I`ve been playing AoC for quite a while now,and I speedrunned all of the formable nations.

    Then the game got a bit boring,and I saw the last update was two years ago,so I`m looking for mods  that focuse more on formable nations rather than scenarios. 

    Does anyone know any such mods?

    Idk, but if you want i'm making mod focused on ancient world and i still adding new formable civs! Or there is Ple2 scenarios, based on medieval era, his scenarios are must to play. Idk others

  8. 11 minutes ago, Ànex i Rux said:

    don't posts of deleted accounts disappear?

    I also follow him since AoC1, i got the game on 2015/6 when africa version came out and I loved the game. Then he announced he would release the second verson at the end of 2017, he did not and then the "when it's ready" meme came out. But everyone pressured him to fcking release the game wich was unfinished and so did and that's what we got. Anyway there are no visibleintentions of fixes. But Lukasz is opaque so I have faith on a future update or the release of the source code.

    I hope he'll release SC. I think is the bast way to keep the game alive. Probably he could do that when he'll realase his next game. But homestly I want his apologize for his dumb acting, I dislike him for gotta be shitting us during this time. 

  9. 12 hours ago, Shiite said:

    Who knows, its Lukasz. I wouldn't be surprised if he removed the ranks of all the members who spoke out against him like me

    I think so. This is my third account, I follow him since 2016 circa, when he announced AoC2. When he left the project, I spoke against him. He banned my account permanently. He's a dumbass and i hope his next game will be a flop (If i dont reply anymore you know that he banned me again :P)

  10. 1 hour ago, BrazilianMod said:


    happens in all scenarios and generally aoc2 works normally

    I'll try to fix it! I think is 'cause of some hd flags, they doesn't work well in some devices. I'll compress them in next update (I'll release soon, i think in two days)

  11. 8 minutes ago, BrazilianMod said:


    when I enter some scenario it crashes and leaves

    In which scenario happens? AoC2 works regularly in your phone?

  12. On 8/2/2020 at 1:49 AM, BrazilianMod said:


    the mobile version of the mod is not working

    What is the problem? What happens when you try to run it? The link works fine? I tried on my smartphone and it works well, if you give me more info I'll fix it!

  13. 9 hours ago, RyanOrleansII said:

    Could you make it A p k? because I'm on Android and it's difficult to download

    Yeah of course. I wanted to waiting other updates, but I'll make one. 


    Edit: I made one!

  14. 10 hours ago, Máximvs Magno said:

    Hi. I was playing with Athens for 300 turns and I have things to comment:
    -The division of the Greek provinces is interesting, but when I want to move a unit to the sea, it inexplicably disappears. I have also noticed that when I click on the water a window seems to "colonize" below.
    -The alliance system you used for the Greek coalition ends up corrupting as the turns go. When a polis calls for war, all his allies do the same. It becomes impossible to defeat the alliance. So I recommend putting allies in "Defensive Pacts" instead of mega-alliances.
    I think that is all. English is not my lingua franca, so I'm sorry for the mistakes.

    For the first point i know, some sea provinces are giving me some troubles. I'll try to fix them, don't worry. 
    For the second point, I can't do much. The defensive-pact often doesn't work, so I decided to use alliance. I tried to make balanced the two sides, when I played it was ok. After I'll try to fix, thank you for your feedback!

  15. 1 hour ago, George Head said:

    Italy - 112 provs
    We'll add small countries later

    If you want some suggestions, fix some Italian provinces, i dont see Venice (that are in base game), vatican, San Marino. However, its seems a great work! I hope it doesnt die.

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