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  1. Yeah of course. I wanted to waiting other updates, but I'll make one. Edit: I made one!
  2. For the first point i know, some sea provinces are giving me some troubles. I'll try to fix them, don't worry. For the second point, I can't do much. The defensive-pact often doesn't work, so I decided to use alliance. I tried to make balanced the two sides, when I played it was ok. After I'll try to fix, thank you for your feedback!
  3. Thank you! Dont forget to give me feedback about the map and the scenario when you'll try it!
  4. GheovgosGJ

    Roma Invicta

    Roma Invicta is a new mod based on the ancients scenarios made by @GheovgosGJ. I aim to be as accurate possible, investigating in the sources and I try to giving you a good and valid scenarios. I do this for the sake of History, it is for me a way to celebrate it. Quoting Thucydides, "(The History is) A possession forever, rather than a piece to enjoy at the moment" (Stories, 22, 4) The mod contains: New historical civs (1100+ civs) New provinces in Greece and Turkey, Italy, Swis, France, Hiberia, around the Balck Sea. I added 120 about. New Cities and renamed some vanil
  5. If you want some suggestions, fix some Italian provinces, i dont see Venice (that are in base game), vatican, San Marino. However, its seems a great work! I hope it doesnt die.
  6. For mobile users? If you release the map, android users could play that
  7. Hi! If i create a scenario for this mod, you can insert in the mod for future releases?
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