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  1. ----signer_5.6.0.---Hello "Comrades"😄! I am LAUELCOMMIE... today I am going to present an idea that in these 2 years that I have been studying politics, history and the game AOC2... I have ideas and projects to present and launch in these 2 years that I have been studying and editing this app (without removing copyright OBVIOUSLY😅)... I want to warn you that it could take up to months to launch more of this content, since I am a poor person, and with difficulties to get internet😔... thanks to the fact that at the beginning of the year I I moved from the city to
  2. 😂 I been searched this during 1 month :'u Keep it up comrade😄
  3. My comrade, I cannot believe that no one commented on this stage and this nation that is worth gold is worth these things gold. :0 Congranulations😄
  4. (i are from argentina) *i watching hoy brazil eats to argentina* (In argentinian): CHAAUU ARGENTINAAAA Xddd
  5. Mhhh... ->- I wonder which flag will have a good job, comrade.😄
  6. 7-7 someday comrades... The important thing is that we can at least see it v:
  7. latest news poverty has multiplied in the countries of Afghanistan Iran Pakistan and parts of South Asia xddd
  8. mhhh... sounds good. cheers from the argentinian empire to ottoman empire :v
  9. and later of this armistice day of re[ST
  10. today i only i think some day of res. hungary declare the war to romania and czecoslovakia and annexes transilvania and transcarptia from romania an sloovakia [hungary wins the war]
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