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  1. ----signer_5.6.0.---Hello "Comrades"😄! I am LAUELCOMMIE... today I am going to present an idea that in these 2 years that I have been studying politics, history and the game AOC2... I have ideas and projects to present and launch in these 2 years that I have been studying and editing this app (without removing copyright OBVIOUSLY😅)... I want to warn you that it could take up to months to launch more of this content, since I am a poor person, and with difficulties to get internet😔... thanks to the fact that at the beginning of the year I I moved from the city to the country... but still... I'm still motivated to upload this content😄... without more to say... let's see the project...😅 well... as we know... age of civilizations 2, it is not a perfect game, nor is it complete... it has many bugs and other problems... So today I am going to upload an "improvement", or whatever you want to call it😄... for me it is a "project" and that is... RUS (Russia) represents the Russian empires... such as the former Soviet Union... the Russian Empire among others... while a civilization called Soviet Russia or COMR (without translation in the AOC) is a civilization that represents the Federative Socialist Republic of Russia (FSRR)... as some may know... ALL the countries of the The USSR became INDEPENDENT... they did not change their government... THEN a few days or hours later, they changed the government you had, which was the communist one... Why am I saying that Russia is the COMR (Soviet Russia) file? because as I said before... they became INDEPENDENT, they did not change their government... besides that Kazakhstan was the last country to become independent from the union... therefore... COMR (soviet russia) reincarnates the true russia, while RUS (russia) reincarnates the imperial stages of russia... I mean, thanks to those who have read this far... and comment please comrades😄 Flags_H.zip Flags.zip Read me nwn.txt apk-signer_5.6.0.apk MT Manager_2.7.1.apk
  2. 😂 I been searched this during 1 month :'u Keep it up comrade😄
  3. I wish communism worked :'v☹️
  4. My comrade, I cannot believe that no one commented on this stage and this nation that is worth gold is worth these things gold. :0 Congranulations😄
  5. (i are from argentina) *i watching hoy brazil eats to argentina* (In argentinian): CHAAUU ARGENTINAAAA Xddd
  6. Mhhh... ->- I wonder which flag will have a good job, comrade.😄
  7. 7-7 someday comrades... The important thing is that we can at least see it v:
  8. latest news poverty has multiplied in the countries of Afghanistan Iran Pakistan and parts of South Asia xddd
  9. mhhh... sounds good. cheers from the argentinian empire to ottoman empire :v
  11. and later of this armistice day of re[ST
  12. today i only i think some day of res. hungary declare the war to romania and czecoslovakia and annexes transilvania and transcarptia from romania an sloovakia [hungary wins the war]
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