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  1. link download for middle earth pls



    the download of the middle earth is ready?

  3. well, we already have a command, but well... We need to draw wonders of the world (we'll make a lot of them) If you want to help
  4. Well, I found a programmist, and we are making NEW, BIG world of Tolkien. Here is a new map and a link to our public: https://vk.com/lotraoc Map size: 11500X6200 Added sunk Belleriand and Numenor Making Wonders of the World Making new ideologies from the Arda like Good/Evil Numenorians New flags A LOT OF REGIONS Events Portraits
  5. Did everything like in tutorial but when I launch a map in the game - it crushes ================================================================================== Map Files: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1JHuJCmeqrYGJ3xGhXnW_pzkVF0uS_NfE?usp=sharing
  6. Well, hmm... I can't create a map game is still crashing when I enter this map. Would apriciate so much if you'd help me (or even make this map playable) If this map would be good and everyone would like it - I even would draw a giant map of the whole Tolkien's world
  7. Having some problems. Think I did everything correctly. But game still continues crashing
  8. If someone can explain how to add portraits into a game - help please Thank you
  9. I am working on it right now
  10. Just making a middle earth map. Added Valinor too. Decided to make it so strong. But to make a good game balance I decided to make a huge and complained ocean. This way Valinor can't conquer Middle earth on the first steps of the game. The map is stil not finished. Still drawing. Going to add more provinces. ======================================================= I don't know if links are allowed here but I created a VK public for this map - https://vk.com/public189756739 ======================================================= Middle-Era
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