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  1. Can you add East and West Berlin as provinces? https://imgur.com/a/EfrWbBK
  2. You'll have to manual put the mod files inside the game
  3. You should probably make your government tags more diverse. Having multiple governments use the same tag can cause them to glitch.
  4. Tuyuko


    Local Multiplayer is possible. But not online multiplayer.
  5. I made it using paint.net. I drew the map, and used a modern day state map along with the in game map as a reference.
  6. Whats the United Federation?
  7. Tuyuko

    Spectate mode (AoC 2)

    You can enable it before you start a match and if you lose a match.
  8. Tuyuko

    Just a flags.

    Did you make these flags?
  9. Tuyuko


    Huh? I don't get it
  10. Did you make this flag
  11. Here's a game you can play every time you browse the AoCII Forums. See who can mark all the spaces first!
  12. Have you tried re downloading the game?
  13. This mod doesn't seem finished yet. So theirs no download yet.
  14. Hes talking about scammer accounts posting stupid stuff on these forums.
  15. Tuyuko


    Did you create more than one map?
  16. Theres no function to proclaim independence. Sorry.
  17. What do you mean by "Map Editor". Do you mean the scenario editor, or the Map creation tools?
  18. I say go after Italy. It would clean up some of the border gore.
  19. Sorry but your footage looks terrible. Get a better recording software
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