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  1. Why does it start in 5000 B.C.? Wouldn't it make more sense to make it start in 2019?
  2. Tuyuko

    Axis victory

    0/10 Fix your grammar
  3. Do you also have to draw the water provinces, or not?
  4. I actually found the map your using to make this https://www.deviantart.com/dinospain/art/Q-BAM-Basic-World-Map-V-3-2-660539748
  5. The map might be broken. Sorry, theirs nothing you can do.
  6. Rough Translation: 1. Create & delete custom countries and modify territory before starting the scenario (I'm not talking about editors at all) For example, the ability to select a 1200 scenario, add Korea to Anatolia, and integrate all Turkish territory into Korea before starting the game. The ability to remove an Ottoman (or some territory of Ottoman) from the 1440 scenario and add an empty territory to Byzantine. 2. Add more commands For example, if you enter money 50000 in the command, the treasury of 50000 won will be filled. Corresponds to the yesman command in Europa Universalis. 3. Add culture Ottoman, for example, has Greek culture on the European side and Turkish culture on the Anatolia side. The ability to change the main culture from Turkey to Greece. The ability to assimilate the culture into your own culture. Ability to accommodate other cultures. (AOC II currently only has a core) 4. Add Religion In the Ottoman Empire, for example, the Orthodoxy would be the majority religion in the European side and Islam would be the majority in Anatolia. The ability to change diplomatic relations. The ability to change local religion to state religion. If you can do that, I hope you added it.
  7. Go in the game files and open the "map" folder. In the map folder, go to the file named "Earth". Inside the Earth file, open the file named "formable_civs" This file contains a list of all the formable civs on a specific map. Find the tags of the three formable civs you want to delete and delete them. Then open the file named "Age_of_Civilizations" in notepad and find and delete the tags in their. Its as simple as that! I hope this helped.
  8. Tuyuko

    1980 cold war

    Your welcome! BTW on a side note you really have to improve the audio quality of your videos.
  9. Tuyuko

    1980 cold war

    Oh, just make the ages of the leaders be the year that they took office.
  10. Tuyuko

    1980 cold war

    You should've added historically accurate leaders. That would've made this scenario all the more better.
  11. Another dead mod. If your reading this don't waste your time, just go to the next topic
  12. Your game must be broken. Its not normal for the game to do that. Whats happening is that your game is crashing before it can even load. Try uninstalling the game and reinstalling it.
  13. Do you have any screenshots?
  14. Tuyuko


    Do you have any screen shots?
  15. Still working on that. I'm currently working on adding ideologies, events, and leaders.
  16. Sometime this year. I've already finished the borders. Now I just need to work on leaders and events.
  17. British Empire VS French Empire! Both Empires will be given all the territory they historically used to own. It will be a 1v1, no other countries shall be involved.
  18. Tuyuko

    scenarios disappeared

    Have you tried redownloading the game?
  19. Tuyuko

    scenarios disappeared

    What where the two scenarios that disappeared?
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