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    Spectate mode (AoC 2)

    You can enable it before you start a match and if you lose a match.
  2. Tuyuko

    Just a flags.

    Did you make these flags?
  3. Tuyuko


    Huh? I don't get it
  4. Did you make this flag
  5. Here's a game you can play every time you browse the AoCII Forums. See who can mark all the spaces first!
  6. Tuyuko

    Map Editor Problems

    Have you tried re downloading the game?
  7. Tuyuko

    [MODERN] 2019 ++

    This mod doesn't seem finished yet. So theirs no download yet.
  8. Hes talking about scammer accounts posting stupid stuff on these forums.
  9. Tuyuko


    Did you create more than one map?
  10. Theres no function to proclaim independence. Sorry.
  11. Tuyuko

    Map Editor Problems

    What do you mean by "Map Editor". Do you mean the scenario editor, or the Map creation tools?
  12. I say go after Italy. It would clean up some of the border gore.
  13. Do you have any allies?
  14. Tuyuko

    1970 szenario

    Sorry but your footage looks terrible. Get a better recording software
  15. Tuyuko


    Sorry, but you'll have to buy the game again.
  16. Well, your in luck because you can do a lot with events. You can make countries declare independence, you can make a country's ideology change, you can annex provinces, and so much more! The menu is easy to use, so I don't know why your having so much trouble figuring out how to use it. Never the less, heres how you do it. Step 1: Go to the events menu Step 2: Select "Add New Event" Step 3: Title the event (the title can be what ever you want". Step 4: Click the "Recipient" menu and select what country you want to receive the event. Step 5: Select what date you want the event to occur by clicking "No Date". You can also choose when you want an event to end, but this is optional. Step 6: Click "Add new trigger and after that click "Add New Condition". You'll then be taken to a menu were you can select what condition you want to have in order for the event to occur. Step 7: Click "Add new outcome" and you'll be taken to a new menu where you can title your outcome and edit the chance of the outcome occurring. Then click "Add new outcome" and select what you want to happen in the outcome.Once your done, make sure to save. If you want multiple choices to be available, then just add another outcome. If you want more than one change to occur in the same outcome, just add a new occurrence in the "outcome" menu. OPTIONAL STEPS: Step 8: If you want to make your event happen multiple times, click the "repeatable" setting. Step 9: If you want your event to have a picture, then click the "pop-up" option. You will have to add the picture manually by putting it in the game files. To access the game files, go to your C Drive and go to the files Steam > Steamapps > common > Age of Civilizations II. Alternatively, you can go to the AoC2 steam menu, right click play and select "Access game files". Once your in the game files, go to UI > Events and in the events folder select the image you want to use on your computer and put it in their. Then exit out and start the game up again. Once your back at the event menu, click on the "Picture:" icon and change the name to the name of the image you want to use. Thats it. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Once your done customizing your event, click "save event" and after that click "save" on the main event menu. And bam, now you (hopefully) know how to add custom events. If you want to do a certain thing with events, just ask me and I can tell you how.
  17. You can add events in the scenario customizer. It has its own menu.
  18. Tuyuko

    does capital matter?

    Yes you're capital does matter. It is one of the most developed provinces in you're nation, and your economy will suffer if you lose it during a war.
  19. Bonito mapa! Debes hacer un escenario basado en la guerra civil mexicana.
  20. Oh... Well if thats the case theirs little I can help you with. Maybe you can try playing the game on another computer or try playing the mobile version. Sorry if this sounds disappointing.
  21. Sorry, you footage looks horrible. Nice mod, although it could use some work in a few areas.
  22. Oh. Well I'm still working on it. I can't say when it will be done. but just know that it will be finished sometime this year.
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