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  1. Tuyuko


    Do you have any screen shots?
  2. Still working on that. I'm currently working on adding ideologies, events, and leaders.
  3. Sometime this year. I've already finished the borders. Now I just need to work on leaders and events.
  4. British Empire VS French Empire! Both Empires will be given all the territory they historically used to own. It will be a 1v1, no other countries shall be involved.
  5. Tuyuko

    scenarios disappeared

    Have you tried redownloading the game?
  6. Tuyuko

    scenarios disappeared

    What where the two scenarios that disappeared?
  7. Just go to the map folder and open the scenario file. There you can find every scenario. However, I don't think you'll be able to simply copy paste one of the scenario files as you can't have two folders of the same name in one file. And even if you change the name, the folder wouldn't even work right.
  8. Sorry, your not able to turn it off.
  9. Tuyuko

    2019 Map?

    There is no 2019 map
  10. Vous ne pouvez pas faire apparaître de troupes hors des provinces occupées. Vous devez d'abord les annexer à votre nation!
  11. You need 1500 gold in order to change your ideology.
  12. Tuyuko

    Game doesn't save

    Just save at the pause menu. Its not that hard!
  13. Go the the "map" file then go to the "Earth" file then go to the "cities" file.
  14. Tuyuko


    What do you mean?
  15. Tuyuko

    Formable Nation

    You can add your own formable nations in the map editor.
  16. Tuyuko


    En la opción "editor", hay un modo en el que puedes crear tu propia civilización personalizada
  17. Have you tried going into the scenario editor?
  18. Go in the AoC2 game files and open the "civilization_editor" file. Then find the files of the civ you want to delete and delete them. If you modded a civ in game then go to the "civilizations" folder and find the file of the civ your looking for (the file should be named after the civ's tag). Then open the file named "age_of_civilization" in notepad. It will contain a list of all the civ tags, find the tag of the civ you want to delete and erase it. I hoped this helped!
  19. Thats because rebel countries can form into new nations.
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