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  1. You wake up in a room you have never been in before. it is an empty, black box with only 1 light, a computer, and a small speaker in the corner. The computer has a large sticker saying "addon+ release date lolz" The speaker says: It has been 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 years. You get up to get on the computer, and boot it up. Strangely, there is no login screen. You go onto your favorite website, the AoC2 Forums and check Addon+. It says the following, "lol jk man no update xd" n o
  2. we all know who would be in a list of top 10 worst users on the AoC2 Forums
  3. It is very infectious, i got it in a game and this is the result. It infected almost all of asia and eastern europe.
  4. the website blank atlas . booru.
  5. insert repetitive copy paste message here
  6. (should've said this earlier but eh) finally the german kaiserreich borders are possible
  7. introducing: report bot 5000! Capable of reporting about 15 bots every half second!
  8. "at the end of the month" Posted December 31, 2019 HMMMMM
  9. imagine how long it will take to invade big nations like china, russia, or the usa
  10. oh and west africa is under construction
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