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  1. whens the next update?
  2. I know i was a bit mean, i am sorry for that, but you still have to atleast give credit to the people whose scenarios and maps you stole.
  3. Stop trying to ignore people that are right. You shouldn't have to give out your location just so you can download some mod for a game. Most of this content is just stolen from other mods anyway. Also, Addin+? seriously? Its like you just copied Addon+ and replaced the o with an i... Whats even funnier is that you can literally see the author names of the maps and scenarios you stole...
  4. Over 70 pages have been created containing just spam (not even mentioning the spam bots on other parts of the forum as well). Lukasz, please, do something. We don't want this forum to be infested with chinese bots.
  5. you can't, unless you modify the files to make that possible i assume.
  6. How do you delete a province? I assume it works the same as getting a province back, but I'm not sure.
  7. i like how this is the only other post other than lukasz post...
  8. why would some mainland U.S states have cores
  9. For a more accurate Kaiserreich scenario, i suggest adding a Nancy province, or at least making the actual borders from the mod possible.
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