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  1. Tarafsız Vilayetler Yüzünden Dostum. Haritada Tarafsız Bölge Kalmayacak Şekilde Ayarlamalısın.
  2. As For Events: "Victory At Mohacz !" For Ottomans: Triggered By Occupation Of South And Middle Hungary By Ottomans. Otomans Annexes Half Of Hungary, Transylvania Is Created As A Vassal Of Ottomans, And This Event Triggers Another Event. "Louis II of Hungary Has Been Killed !" For Austria: Triggered By " Victory At Mohacz !" Event. Austria Annexes Slovakia And Western Border Provinces Of Hungary, Austria Annexes Bohemia (Because Of Personal Union), Lusatia Becomes A Vassal State Of Austria. "Act of Union of Lublin" For Poland: Triggered By
  3. As For Diplomacy: Ottomans Has Vassals Which Are Algiers, Crimea, Moldova And Wallachia. Poland Has Vassals Which Are Prussia And Lithuania (Because Of Personal Union Under Sigismund the Old) Hungary Has A Vassal Which Is Bohemia (Which Has Lusatia As A Vassal, Also They Are In Personal Union Under Louis II) France Has A Vassal Which Is Brittany Spain Is Allied With Austria Under (House of Habsburg; I Thought It Would Be Such A Little Bit OP For Vassalizing Any Of These Two) Ming Has Vassals Which Are Jianzhou And Haixi Papal State Has A Vassal Which Is Urbin
  4. So Here Is My Scenario "1521 - Rise of Ottomans". I'm Still Working On It But So Far Its Almost Completed. I Also Added New Leaders For Safevids, Muscovy, Austria, Hungary (Bohemia Has Same Leader Because Of Personal Union), France, Milan And Savoy. What Do You Guys Think ? (Also I Have An Issue About Speed Of Turns. I Did Some Test Runs Yet I Still Don't Know And Can't Fix It. If Someone Knows How To Fix It Please Help Me.) Anyway, Here Are A Few Screenshots I Took:
  5. That's Not A Bug, Its An Annoying Situation Almost Happens All the Time. Just Occupy %100 Your Enemy And It Won't Really Matter If You Don't Give Any Lands To Your Allies. But I Suggest You To Not Ally With Anyone Unless You Are A Weak Nation. They Sometimes Get You In Big Troubles.
  6. Same Thing Is Going On With Me Too But Waaay Worse, It Takes A Minute or Two To Get To Next Turn. I'm At Android Btw
  7. Hey Man, Its Me Again. Are There Any Other Solutions For This ? I Made A Scenario Called "1521" And It Has A LOTTTAAA Neutral Provinces Which I Can't Really Give To Other Countries. What Do You Suggest ?
  8. MehmetCeran

    Help plz

    Did You Paid For Game Or Is It A p k ?
  9. I Had Something Like That With New Spain In My 1721 Scenario. I Had To Annex It Directly To Spain. I Guess You Really Have No Choice About Nerfing. But You Also Can Try To Strengthen Britain Instead. That Would Work Too.
  10. Well I Guess İt Doesn't Really Have A Trick 😛
  11. There Are Many Missing Nations In Game Bro, But You Can Create A Nation With Editor.
  12. Hi Guys, I Want To Find My Saves And Scenarios In Android. Where Can I Find Them Exactly ?
  13. Well I Guess You Can't Form Those Countries In 1440. You Can Form Ottomans In Modern Day Scenario As Turkey Though.
  14. When I Asker For Help, I've Never Imagined That I Could Create A Monster lol
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