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  1. As For Events:

    "Victory At Mohacz !" For Ottomans:

    Triggered By Occupation Of South And Middle Hungary By Ottomans.

    Otomans Annexes Half Of Hungary,  Transylvania Is Created As A Vassal Of Ottomans, And This Event Triggers Another Event.


    "Louis II of Hungary Has Been Killed !" For Austria:

    Triggered By " Victory At Mohacz !" Event.

    Austria Annexes Slovakia And Western Border Provinces Of Hungary, Austria Annexes Bohemia (Because Of Personal Union), Lusatia Becomes A Vassal State Of Austria.


    "Act of Union of Lublin" For Poland:

    Triggered By Time (1 July 1569) And By Existence Of Poland And Lithuania.

    Poland And Lithuania Annexed By Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Duchy of Prussia Becomes A Vassal State Of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

  2. As For Diplomacy:

    Ottomans Has Vassals Which Are Algiers, Crimea, Moldova And Wallachia.

    Poland Has Vassals Which Are Prussia And Lithuania (Because Of Personal Union Under Sigismund the Old)

    Hungary Has A Vassal Which Is Bohemia (Which Has Lusatia As A Vassal, Also They Are In Personal Union Under Louis II)

    France Has A Vassal Which Is Brittany

    Spain Is Allied With Austria Under (House of Habsburg; I Thought It Would Be Such A Little Bit OP For Vassalizing Any Of These Two)

    Ming Has Vassals Which Are Jianzhou And Haixi

    Papal State Has A Vassal Which Is Urbino

    Safavids Has A Vassal Which Is Shirvan

  3. So Here Is My Scenario "1521 - Rise of Ottomans".

    I'm Still Working On It But So Far Its Almost Completed.

    I Also Added New Leaders For Safevids, Muscovy, Austria, Hungary (Bohemia Has Same Leader Because Of Personal Union), France, Milan And Savoy.

    What Do You Guys Think ?

    (Also I Have An Issue About Speed Of Turns. I Did Some Test Runs Yet I Still Don't Know And Can't Fix It. If Someone Knows How To Fix It Please Help Me.)

    Anyway, Here Are A Few Screenshots I Took:Screenshot_20190124-011502.thumb.png.3ff373a2917c7ebf201ffc4b0c34c9b7.pngScreenshot_20190124-011442.thumb.png.7789641ffa69f9ddfc0b9b53ad30bae3.pngScreenshot_20190124-011521.thumb.png.d89ba4a7f5e3e4755200e70cd960ea08.png

  4. That's Not A Bug, Its An Annoying Situation Almost Happens All the Time. Just Occupy %100 Your Enemy And It Won't Really Matter If You Don't Give Any Lands To Your Allies. But I Suggest You To Not Ally With Anyone Unless You Are A Weak Nation. They Sometimes Get You In Big Troubles.

  5. On 1/9/2019 at 5:20 PM, NESS said:

    So when i create a scenario or just edit an already existing one the turns go by like gotta wait for 10 seconds please fix this

    Same Thing Is Going On With Me Too But Waaay Worse, It Takes A Minute or Two To Get To Next Turn. I'm At Android Btw

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