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  1. Finally, my time has come. Polan can into space?
  2. Just wanted to mention some border mistakes in the Modern scenario. (Nothing personal though) Btw... i cant seem to find Sealand.
  3. Yikes, I'am guessing that will be a "pain" to do.
  4. You still working on it or not? Because this looks amazing!
  5. hey only we are online 


    but age of civilations forums is ded




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    2. StronkPolskaBoi


      oh, ok. Well anyway, wyd?

    3. emi212017


      idk i only was searching if thee¿re is a scenerario of north america states

    4. StronkPolskaBoi


      oh nice, with the modern day scenario right? 

  6. uh, i dont think that is necessary. But maybe do it anyway, i dont know what other people think.
  7. So this is my like first, Mod? Post? no not post, sorry idk what do i call it. Scenario? Yeah that's good. Anyway, the reason why this is called plus is because its made on the "More Province's" Map by... "Hetman"? i'm pretty sure it was him and his "helper" "Germoney The Attacker" and i used his map, of course, in order to get this scenario you need to download the "More Province's" map fi
  8. Um, there is no background map. Could you maybe send one..? oh btw nice mod, i really like the custom civilizations.
  9. Germoney The Attacker: How much provines do you want ilovethisgame2: Yes
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