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  1. Its been like months since i was online but now im kinda back

  2. Finally i found a cold war scenario
  3. in my game there were 2 rebels in italy that kept changing color, which means they kept changing who they are so if i declare war on them they steal my army and then change color, changing identity and then the game tells me this is a other rebel, this makes these kinds of rebels IMPOSSIBLE to kill, even with the Addciv command where you can overwrite any province. Not even that is gonna work. If you encounter these rebels, beg that they arent in ur country or near a country that you need to conquer to do a formable country
  4. ill post this and then ill make a new topic about asia, because the file size limit is reallly cramped now, 13MB was before the 1st video, now its 3MB. Also i wont do anything like alternate future of germany because to be honest everybody has already seen that millions of times. Czech Republic - Czechoslovakian Federation (2019-2027) 2019-12-29 15-44-35-1.m4v
  5. Croatia - Croatia (croatia with the red and white checkers flag) 2019-2040 Some parts of the video are cut out so the file size will fit. Beginning of the vid and end of the vid were cut, they were just me in the menu. 2019-12-28 20-50-26-1_preview.m4v
  6. Nvm romans is ridicolously hard, for now im gonna post Croatian Empire in like 5 minutes
  7. I Got this country using the random civilization feature. (Beginnings Phase) 1st action: Declared war on southn korea, toke roughly half a year in game to win. 2nd action: Declared war on taiwan, won in 3 months in game . Japan also declared war on me due to death of taiwan, they wouldnt accept peace so i used all of my army i had then to conquer the capital long enough till they make peace. (Island Phase) 1st action: I declared war on Papa neu guinea, they wiped my 1st army out but i won after i sent the next army. ALOT (and i say alot) of islands declared war on me for annexing pa
  8. Here's my first submit Austria to Austria-Hungary (2019 - 2037) 2019-12-26 17-20-54-1.m4v
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