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  1. Why make a sequel if originally intended features have not yet been added AoC II yet? Many fixes and features could be added with including religions (which were meant to be in the game) and perhaps making the AI work better; we should bear in mind a lot of us were quite impatient for the game's release and if we had been more patient then these could've been done with. If he's making AoC III, he'd probably do it in secret to avoid what happened with AoC II. I understand what you mean and where Łukasz would be coming from if he were to do this but it doesn't seem right.
  2. https://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Age_of_Civilizations Made an AoC wikipedia page, anyone want to contribute?
  3. Mae Beth i'n againn, AoC2 yn Cymraeg, yn Waith ar y gweill
  4. Hi! I speak Welsh! I've been making a Welsh translation too!

    1. BlakeTehGreat


      oh, you also made a super mario world welsh translation!

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