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  1. Ah yes, who doesn't want Alcoholism virus?
  2. You don't As simple as that man, unless you play some other AOC2 mods out there that promotes something like vaccination but in a vanilla AOC2 game, there isn't any.
  3. Finally, someone has the courage to make something like this, i really appreciate your plans man!
  4. I made this Turkish Empire right here when i was still bored and nothin to do, but hey i still conquered Saudi Arabia tho
  5. So hey about the bug, it's still there, like when i play AOC2 and i have the file on, i get a loading screen, and when it got to 99%, the game crashed.
  6. The bugs that i encountered during my playthrough is that everytime i switch to TOR map(the original TOR file in it) the game crashes but when i delete the TOR file and remove it from A.O.C.json, it doesn't crash, why is this happening?
  7. On your first part of your question, none, and yes ofc i backupped my game, i already said it on the last part of my message
  8. Why does the first picture look like penis?
  9. Looks nice but anyways, why is it that if i open up AOC2 with this, it crashes while without it, it would not crash?
  10. Didn't you read the last post from the owner of this mod?
  11. Why is it that if i enter that link, it will basically something Error 404?
  12. Yes, it's finally done. Now what's next Germoney?
  13. Just use this tutorial right here if you make maps in the future
  14. I mean i did that once and it worked
  15. Oh, wait can't you copy paste the photo and just rename it right?
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