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  1. i got the same problem
  2. Luxx

    Cursor Bug

    the cursor locks somewhere on the screen and I can not move the map because it locks the map along with it You Move the cursor it moves the map with it Help me
  3. thats's what i thinked but the thing is,the people accept the pass,sure gonna have millions of trolls
  4. Some ideas for the game New Buildings Hospitals They could prevent diseases,or reduce deaths.It could costs 7000 per building? Airports Fast Travel troop's through provinces(only your pronvinces).10.000 per building? Bank You can Store money for the future,or make bigger loans.5.000 per building ? Land Mines Kill 15-30% of the enemy army in the built province.3.000 per mine(have a chance of 30% to kill your troops too in the province) New Troops Paratroopers(Planes) he could pass through 3 provinces,and deploy 50 troops
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