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  1. 23 hours ago, Chairman Baad said:

    Ah, now that makes sense. But if anybody asks, I'm not trying to copy anybody. Except I guess the decisions menu from 11:59. That was cool.

    I just would like to see the mod completed one Day and seams that your Project is ambicius Project Erika was ambicius but the guy dont Say anythink from the mod Page publication that was in late 2019.

  2. On 12/31/2019 at 11:14 PM, X-MALICUR said:

    If troops are encircled there should be punishments and drawbacks. In age of civilizations 2 there is not.

    Troops shouldn't be able to move around in all 360 degrees and go twenty thousand provinces whilst encircled.

    Matter of fact, one shouldn't be able to move there troops at all until it has been reconnected with ones own territory.

    There should also be turn by turn casualties. Let's say one turn 1 percent of encircled troops perish and then next turn lets say 10 percent and then it just increases and increases until inevitably all of them are dead.

    This would make the game a lot more fun and less fucking annoying.



    There are maybe you have saw it yet but there is if there are 20k in a non conected to capital or more provinces the army will take atrition

  3. On 12/31/2019 at 11:31 PM, X-MALICUR said:

    So one can be playing as let's say russia and declares war as germany.

    This is a communist vs national socialist nation in europe. 10 turns into the war fucking democratic New Zealand and or fucking South Africa  all the way across the fucking world will declare war on you for literally no reason at all. Weird ass war declarations like this will literally happen with no merit everytime you play and ruins your immersion and gaming experience. What I usually do is just peace out with them and then next turn they accept. So then it's like what the fuck? Other times this doesn't work.

    Something needs to be done and fixed.

    Actually the AiI in this game is very oportunistic and knows how many units do you have so if ai think your weak it attack but sai you have a big economy and you can aford a million units then its nearly imposibol the ai whould attack you.

  4. Guys we need a lot of thinks for these to work but we could do it.

    Starting with tech

    The actual tech tree is small and unusfull so we just need to do it bigger or more hard to get tech points, or if your a good modder just do a new tech tree maybe like civilizations tech trees

    Next buildings

    The farms and workshop are nice but limited so we should change them for new building and give it more levels 5 farms and 3 workshop aren't a lot so 20 farms and 40 Workshop(or even more) (or fabrics the name doesnt change anything) but we should balance it by changing modifiers from 5% to 1% or 2%, should be 3 levels of ports first fishing port second mercant port and thierd dock, the buildings levels you could build should be determined by your tech level.

    Next units should be implemented 


    Cavalery after will become tanks

    Ships( you should build it in port level 3)

    Each with different modifiers


    Resourses like iron wood food fish iron and more


    Implement a comercial and macroeconomics sistem here nations buys and sells resourses that needs and buys 

    And last

    Religions and cultures 



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