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Age of Civilizations


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  1. Cool! How did you do it?
  2. Did you finish South America, Central Asia, Iran, India, The islands of Oceania or Southeastern Asia? If you finish one of this regions can you send some screenshots or a video?
  3. Wow! It's incredible I cannot wait to make my own scenario in this gigantic map, thank you a lot for all the work you're doing. And can you send screenshots of continental America (USA, Mexico, Centroamérica...)?
  4. ¿Can you send a screenshot, please?
  5. This mod is gonna be for Android? And, You can send any screenshots of what you have done for now in America?
  6. I don't know how to install the mod. Please, someone can help me?
  7. Looks very good! But, The beta is only gonna have Europe and Northern and west Africa?
  8. This mod still alive?
  9. ¿Could you add more provinces to the coast of Tunisia? Because at the times of Carthage there was a few city states in the coast of Tunisia.
  10. Maybe It's too late to make any suggestions but ¿Could you add more provinces to Greece and Crete? To add the Greek City States (Sorry for my English).
  11. Don't forget make a lot of provinces in America especially in Mexico and in Centroamerica to make a realistic Native American scenario.
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